New carry belt

I have a 1.75" belt, and since Tex Shoemaker closed, I’m looking for a similar company that makes a similar quality belt.

We’ve got a few conversations about belts going on that might help, @freedomfighter608:

Hope that helps!


@freedomfighter608 I have a great 1.75" duty belt belt from 5.11 Tactical. And it doesn’t drain your bank account. I use it for when I open carry my Glock 17 in a Safariland holster and several mag and gear pouches as well. It fits within the loops of all my pants.
I have several different sizes from 5.11 for conceal carry as well, they all work great.


If you are looking for a leather belt, you may want to look into the belts from Alien Gear. The belts are tough, made from a very good quailty of leather and have a Stainless Steel layer sandwiched between the two layers of leather. This is a stiff belt, but I can tell you it will carry the weight.
I am sure there are many fine belts, but I can only speak to the ones I have tried.


@Dawn. My phone is stupid with the community page, so I couldn’t add to the thread.

Thanks for the idea, but I’m more comfortable with leather belts.

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Thanks Larry, I’ll check them out.