Need help getting started in MN

i completed my USCCA INSTRUCTOR training. got my credentials, now i need to submit :slight_smile:

Curriculum/written description of requirements for instructors in your organization.

Written description of how your organization will maintain Instructor and student records

Written description of how your organization will maintain proficiency of instruction (including legal updates) and ensure instructional practices and integrity.

Copy of course of fire/qualification to be utilized by both instructors and students.

where do i get this stuff ?

Welcome to the team @Derrick12! You’re in place, at the right!

@Derrick12 Welcome. Call 1-800-674-9779 24/7/365 I am sure you can get all the help you need. :+1:

Hey, I live In Minneapolis. This is very easy. You are merely showing the BCA how you will document your work and how you will run your business.

It’s not as complicated as they make it seem.

Your curriculum, how you’ll keep your records and list the training you’ve received.

Write it all down as if you are answering questions.

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hello would you be available for a phone call ?

Of course. I Don’t know how this works on this forum but can you send me a DM?