Need help, looking to lend a hand to get my numbers

Looking to lend a hand to any instructors who need help. Just need my numbers to keep my certification. I live in Brownstown, MI. you can email me at Seeing how I am laid off from do to, well, enough said about that mess. So I am available for services.


The yearly quota is a significant reason I have not done the USCCA instructor training. I would like to get certified so I can give introductory lessons to friends, family and neighbors and maybe teach the occasional class but I would have a hard time meeting the yearly quota some years.

Would be nice if they had an option for an online refresher for the years you didn’t meet the quota so you can stay sharp and certified.


Check with Gretchen Whitmer to see who she recommends


Don’t let that be a reason not to take instructor training. There is a difference between learning to shoot and learning to teach shooting and related self defense topics. Further, once you are USCCA certified, if you miss the annual 20 student quota, you do not lose certification, you are just “inactive.” And Instructor Support will work with you if you have an opportunity to start teaching again.
Next point: to accumulate your 20 students, you can teach a variety of USCCA mini-courses, at about an hour each, either in person or live online (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) . Your choice on whether or how much to charge for those. Using them as a community civic association program is a great way to accumulate students. In particular, the USCCA Real Estate Agent Safety Course can be an excellent program for your local real estate agent groups, even for just one brokerage firm.

Finally, once you have had USCCA and other instructor training (e.g. NRA, RangeMaster, Sig Sauaer Academy, etc.) you are certainly well qualified to teach your own basic handgun safety and handgun 101 classes for friends and family. If authorized you can use one of their curricula, or write your own.
I have gone down this path, fully aware I would not teach many students a year. I even completed USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals I Instructor and NRA Personal Protection in the Home & Personal Protection Outside the Home instructor certification, knowing I will only rarely teach any of those classes, so I am prepared to take friends and family beyond handgun 101 into true self defense skills.


I thought the same. Do about three classes a year. Requests for many more. Just word of mouth and have not advertised on the portal. My issue is registering participants on the site to get credit, meet the requirements to keep cert.