National Mentor List


I was wondering if there is a National Directory to for mentors, trainers and people who want to meet up to shoot?

I am seeking mentors in my area and could use some help. Northern to Central Arizona.

Thank you,



It would be nice to have.


Not sure if there’s a group or not on this but I did find the phone app Meetup extremely useful when I was looking for people who liked various things I was into like hiking, rock climbing, etc. If they don’t have a shooting group, you can start one and I’m sure there will be people like you looking to meet up and get together.

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@Erik10 :thinking: That’s an idea. Meeting up with strangers to go to secluded places and with a gun? Just a little heads up here, I’d avoid people with names like Dahmer, Kemper or Bundy. Just a thought.


And playing the part of the Grinch this Christmas is Stanzel. :wink:

Listen, there’s lots of ideas out there and I threw one out. I’ve done meetup groups for any number of activities including overnight camping with multiple people and other things. At some point you have to give people a chance in order to build any trust.

Obviously there are things you can do. Go to a gun range and see if there’s any gun clubs they recommend, go to a gun store and see if there are any as well, or any other people they recommend. Lastly, if nothing comes from that…then create a group on meetup and first couple meetings get people together to introduce each other and make sure the people are the type of people you’d want to go shooting with. Lots of things to do, lots of suggestions…lots of ways to create a safe environment.

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Maybe USCCA could consider a meetup group but, that would mean a person from each area code range would have to host one.
I was envisioning a map of the U.S… You could hone in on certain areas your in and reach out, ask to meet up, communicate about local events etc… go shooting together!

But who knows how to make the map… lol


As an instructor and range owner, I invited all my prior students together for an alumni meetup. We meet at the range, meet and greet, some fun casual shooting, a few competitive challenges, a catered lunch/dinner, a guest speaker or two. :slight_smile:


Someone else in this string mentioned official “clubs”. I noticed that some of the larger and more organized shooting ranges, have posted on their websites and out-going emailing, a list of classes, some geared towards women. I noticed the classes require a fee. However, if you attended some classes “taught” by a woman, she might know whom to refer you to. Versus an online search for a women’s shooting club? Nothing against us fellas, but my own CCL instructor thinks women shoot straighter because they are better listeners.

On our main website page, there is a link to ‘Training’ seminars, and ‘Find a Class’.

Our website’s ‘Community’ topics list page (left side of the page), has a section for women as well, it was the sixth listed category down. I noticed for the USCCA 2021 Expo, there are a few courses for women. Cool.

Heather, check out Project Appleseed. Very active in Arizona. I know a couple of their Instructors and they are great. Give you a great foundation to build from.



Just to follow up a bit… here is the Wikipedia entry on the Program:


That sounds like some good comrade Flzbin!
Where are you? I would love to join!
Thank you for your responce

Wow… no that I love and admire!
What a great way to honor those who have or who are serving and keeping our culture and amendments alive! I would LOVE to go. Do I just research it?
Thanks for the support John!

I met up with a local trainer at a range the other day and had a blast! Annie Oakley is back in town!
I guess I could post a USCCA flyer up in the closest shooting ranges around me?


Hey @Heather16
We are in the Hill and Wine Country of Central Texas! :slight_smile:

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That sounds great! Where are you?

I am very interested in your facility and classes!
I just need my first gun. I picked one out that fits like a glove but she’s a bit pricey…
Looking for a Steel Polymere 9mm, saftey grip on handle, longer handle with cheap local accessible ammo.
Any suggestions?
Or do you rent guns for your classes?
I sent you a message from you link.
Nice to hear from you!
Thank you!!

You can purchase a PT111 G2c for around $270. I bought my PT111 G2 for $183 4 years ago. Great gun. The so called problems are easy to fix on your own. I love the way it handles. It comes with a slide lock but is not necessary to use for carry. Fun gun. Sights do adjust. I adjusted mine and it’s very accurate.

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Great input guys, thanks!

Are there any small easy to hide guns for ladies that have good accuracy and penetration?

Thank you, Merry Christmass!

I see guns for sale everywhere. Its the ammo I have not seen. Hard to practice without ammo.

FOR PRACTICE you might look at something like an inexpensive .22 revolver. They can be found and purchased for around $120.00. You will likely be able to find .22 LR for a decent price. Just something to get used to shooting protocol, get used to the bang, get used to hot brass from the shooter beside you smacking you in the head or going down your shirt… Teaches you not to flinch and just get comfortable in the environment.

For some reason I want to think that .22 revolver I am trying to think of is “Heritage Arms”, but my google-fu is failing me right now.


I’m not short on my normal supply of ammunition but I have been eyeing a Henry lever .22.:sunglasses: