My targets how about yours?

I started shooting last October but I am but far a expert shooter but have gotten far better with some professional help and asking expert shooters on the range. The last piece of advice to watch my finger placement as I was shooting to the left. Originally I started right handed however I shoot better left handed. The range I go to has a membership that now costs $65/per month but that has unlimited range time and discounts on ammo, accessories and free gun rental. As i go quite often it’s worth it. With the price of ammo I don’t shoot as much just one magazine for my 9mm and two magazines for the 22 per session. Last week I, with the gunsmith and RSO, was watching someone new shooting a 9mm at 15’, using very expensive ammo, missing the target 20 shots in all, This week I was proud to hit the target at 75’ with all 12 rounds of my 22. It always amazes me that non gun people can’t believe that shooting at a relatively short distance is not that easy (too much movie watching).
That was with my Sig 365xl at 20’ which is my conceded carry.
This is with S&W M&P22 left 30’ right 20’
My first gun which I inherited S&W Governor which I keep my my bed.


As high as ammo is I ain’t wasting any… next target will be bleeding :grin:


I might go to the range and put amagazine down range because I’m saving. That’s about $10 in rounds compared to $3.60 just last year.

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Next time at range is the carry rds… (time to rotate them out), and load fresh…

Ah, the smell of fresh country ammo… :slight_smile:


Shot a dime at 50 with a 14.5" 1:7, with a pinned and welded compensator and 62 grain IMI steel core the last time out.

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It was my first time out with that setup and… I’m Happy!

I really didn’t expect it from that setup, but… I guess even an old blind pig finds an acorn once in a while…

And uh… I think you know what side I’m on. :thinking:

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Every deer season… :grin:


What do mean by breathing control? Usually I first take a deep breath, then exhale. For my 9mm I use Russian steel case ammo just because of cost factor and after thousands of rounds never had a problem but I understand other people have. I have printed pictures of certain political people and the RSO and I have had fun shooting them. When I do that I make sure no-one is around just in case some is a Democratic.

Why would a democrat have a problem with someone shooting at Stalin or Mao…
Just saying :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Breathing control brings down your heart rate. When I concentrate real hard I can feel my pulse rate in my shooting hand wrist. Your heart beat will effect the shot. Some folks breathe and fire naturally on the exhale, some hold on the inhale, find your natural rhythm. It’s also a technique to reduce stress, try breathing in through your nose for four seconds, breathe out through your mouth for four seconds. Then try to reach ten seconds. Try this after running 100 yards and then try and shoot. You’ll be amazed at how breathing and heart rate effect your shot.
On game day at three am when they break into your home, breathing and heart rate and adrenaline are going to kick in, you’ll want to be able to place that shot. The only way to accomplish that is breathing, most people stop breathing in fear. Hope that helps.



Yeah tried this hard to shoot while popping nitro face down & clutching my heart.


10 yards 3/4 Inch blue circle.


Good shooting, if I ever get a target to look like that it would be framed and hanging in the wall.


First magazine of SD ammo with the Springfield EMP. It likes the Barnes TAC-XPD, wonder if they will ever be available again?

This is the target from the rental that “sold” me on buying the Springfield 9mm - 50 rounds, don’t remember distance, but probably moved it back and forth from 5 to 10 yards.


It get easier with practice.

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A couple of things I learned in a freediving class:

  1. Heart rate goes up during inhale and goes down during exhale.
  2. Most of the oxygen to blood transfer happens in the lower portion of the lungs

Therefore to maximize oxygenation and reduce heart rate, you need to “belly/diaphragm” breathe and slowly exhale thru pursed lips longer than you inhale. Will this improve your shooting? Maybe :grinning:


Are you sure that wasn’t 10 inches? :+1:


:rofl::rofl::joy: good one.

I read your profile, it seems we have a similar one.

Just to be clear, it was 10 yards (360 Inches) with Beretta 92FS and can do the same with Beretta PX4 compact.

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Very nice shooting, that’s patient and trigger control!

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