My Final Shopping List

Here it is - the final list of pistols for my “using” collection - I spent hours shopping HARD for these, even getting headaches and eyestrain from all the reviews I read and watched. I invite your comments good or bad. Grand Power LP380 - P40 - P45L - Beretta “Storm” in .40 - Magnum Research “Baby Eagle III” in .40 - S&W M&P M2.0 in .45. ALL are full-size, with barrels from 4 - 5" - the only striker-fired pistol making the “cut” was the S&W - this is the thumb-safety model, which was a surprise. Can I still call myself a smart shopper, and a discerning buyer? I call on all of you to judge.

I can recommend the Beretta PX-4 Storm full size pistol in .40sw. I tried all the .40sw flavors I could at the nearby indoor range. Found the PX-4 compact was the least snappy than full sized others; more of a push versus a flip due to the rotating barrel. I did acquire the full size used on in excellent condition for the same price that a compact would have been new. 1,300+ rounds through it with no issues. DA is a long, long pull/ SA is very crisp.