Looking at double stack compact .380 - Any thoughts?

Hi, I am looking at this Bersa Thunder 380 ACP 3.5" 15+1 Syn Grip Double Action because I love shooting my S&W M&P EZ Shield .380. Unfortunately, gun manufacturers dont make many compact size, double stacks for the .380. I am reading reviews/YouTube, etc. Anyone here fired or has this gun? Thanks!

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I have shot this firearm before, and I did enjoy it. I believe that @DBrogue either has one or has experience with one.


I do have the Bersa Thunder 380 but the one I have is a single stack not a double. I have not seen it in a double stack. I will say I do like it and at times still carry it.

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Bersa Thunder 380 Plus is the doublestack version


15 + 1, and it comes in black, SS and black, or OD Green and black (Bersa Thunder 380 Plus Combat)

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I deleted my post because the picture of the Bersa I was looking at and it didnt work!

Zee, This is the one I am looking at. They do come in a variety of colors. Finding the 15+ magazines has been difficult, sold out everywhere.Bersa Thunder


Here are two more options… I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about these two,but here they are:

Grand Power 380 15+1

Taurus PT638 380 15+1

The recoil is not much more with a 9mm and you can get a really compact firearm about the size of a .380 with the new Springfield Hellcat. It has been very popular since getting introduced and is getting excellent reviews. You’ll have more stopping power with a 9mm than a .380

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@Pat grabagun just got them back in stock

Zee! Thanks for posting this. The only place I found them available was at Bersa directly.

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