Bersa .380 Firestorm

Hi all. New here. I’m thinking of purchasing a Bersa Firestorm .380. Wondering if anyone here owns one and what you think of it. Thanks



My son and I each have their Thunder .380. we both like it.

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Don’t own one, but did research it and checked a few out at the shop. They are good firearms, and have favorable reviews, and are of course similar to the Walther PPK.

Good choice. If you are looking at a .380, the Bersa is good, but you might look at the Taurus 738 also, weight wise it is 10 oz. But the Bersa is a good choice.

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Bersa’s have a decent reputation. I’ve taught a couple of ladies who were NOT gun people how to shoot and got both of them hooked up with the 380 Bersa as they were cheap and reliable. That’s been several years ago, but both still have/use their Bersa’s.

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