Bersa THUNDER, .380, 7 rounds, 3.25 " Barrel

I understand that the 90g .380 caliber ammunition is very costly and expensive, but the pistol, BERSA .380, IS A WINNER for being a accurate firearm and it has a Defensive Ammo, that is 90g HP ROUND.

The cost is $298.00, for the pistol and at the ranges of 3 to 10 yards it is a good truck gun, glove box, end table at home. or your office, But it has to have your attention in practice at the range. The pistol will shoot 15 yards (45 feet) on steal plate too, but train, it is easy to try and recoil can be managed, if any to the professional. Works well !


You talking from personal experience?

Yes! I am, it is very easy on the hands. Made of aluminum and steel, light weight. Controls very well. Accuracy is good.

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Yeah when i was looking into pistols the Bersa thunder was nice. But didn’t buy it.
But for some extra money they also have the Bersa thunder plus, that is a bit thicker and holds 15 rounds.

But to each their own.

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I have the Bersa 380 Thunder Plus and the Ultra compact 9MM, both are very capable. I like metal guns and the Bersa fits my carry requirements and budget. The Bersa company has been in bussiness since 1958 and supplies many police and military units. I also have a Bersa XT 9MM target pistol, excellent shooter.


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Thank you very much for the information.