Opinions and problems with Springfield hellcat /Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0

I’m looking at purchasing a new edc and I’m looking at the Springfield hellcat, S&W M&P 2.0. Both 9mm. Just wanna know if anyone likes or hates them and any problems with them. Here this weekend or next I’m gonna rent them and test them out.

I love double stack grip, so my vote is for S&W M&P9 2.0
This one comes in 3 versions : 3.6", 4", 4.25" barrel.
For EDC you will probably prefer shorter one.
I’ve been shooting 4" version and loved it. Nice non slippery grip with adjustable back straps.
Very smooth, accurate. I’ve used 3 DOT sights, no complains. No single malfunction.
One of best looking hand-guns !
No problem to find great holster for M&P.
To be honest… nothing I could say negative about this firearm.
I’m thinking at this moment why I do not shoot it everyday :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

SA Hellcat - doesn’t fit my hand, cannot say anything about this pistol.

Here is some advise; be careful about asking what people hate or like about specific firearms. It’s all personal preference. Shooting is the ONLY way for you to make a firearm decision.


I yea that why I’m gonna rent them but just wanna see if anyone had any problems with it


I’m biased against anything from Springfield. That said, I think Hellcat to Shield is a better comparison for size. As far as the M&P go, they are great guns. Lots of aftermarket support, and a great track record.

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I’ve been looking at the sub-compact double stacks as well. I currently carry a 9mm shield. I have a short barrel XDm that’s a bit too bulky for IWB. As for Hellcat, not sure I’d want to be on a witness stand, if I ever had to use it in self defense, and have to explain why a chose a firearm named “Hellcat” for personal defense. That’s just me though.

I’ m sure it’s a great firearm though

I recently purchased a FS M&P 2.0 and thought I’d pipe in. I like it a lot. I rented a couple Glocks, a Sig (229), and the M&P 2.0 before purchasing.

I don’t want to get into a “safety between your ears,” debate, but… Although I like the 2.0, I prefer the striker fired handguns that have partially cocked firing pins (or DA/SA pistols) for CCW because of personal reasons. It’s my understanding that the M&P line keeps the firing pin fully cocked (or lets say 98% cocked) before the trigger is pulled. To many, this is a non-issue, but thought I’d mention it.

Although I’ve read that many people don’t like the trigger “feel” or the two-piece hinged design, I like it (although I also practice/carry revolvers, DA/SA, and striker fired firearms depending on the situation and risk assessment). The M&P 2.0 pointed very naturally for me, follow up shots were very easy, and accuracy was good. I have no plans on replacing the trigger. One gripe was that it is heavier than some of the competitors, but I think that also reduced felt recoil (it’s a 40). *random occurrence -> my front sight was about 1mm off to the left, and I had it centered when I realized it and verified POI.

I’ve heard some people worry about how the grittiness of the handle would feel under a shirt, but have no experience with that, and haven’t heard of that complaint with actual owners.

With all of that said, I like it enough to consider a compact version for EDC… but if I do, that purchase will be awhile from now, as I’m very comfortable with my current single stack EDC options.

One other thing to consider… It’s my understanding that the M&P 40 only requires a barrel swap (or aftermarket conversion barrel) to fire 9mm (9mm magazines recommended). You can’t go from 9mm to 40 without changing the slide. I have not done this, but plan on getting a conversion barrel in the future for the added caliber option. I’d probably also get a 9mm RSA, but I don’t think it is necessary.

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I can vouch for the aggressive grip texture, I’ve posted multiple times about it. I literally have to wear a tucked in undershirt to not be rubbed raw to the point of bleeding. However I know i won’t lose my grip on it, it shoots great, points naturally and the trigger is nice and smooth. Having to wear an undershirt is hardly a disqualifier to me.

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Thanks for the input, @Spence . I should clarify, when I said I have no experience with this, it is because my M&P is not used for CC, and therefore I have not tried it with a holster under my t-shirt.

I know I’m late to the conversation but my first carry gun was the s&w m&p 9c. I actually love the gun but it gets heavy to carry. I recently got the Hellcat and I love it.
The size is perfect for carry and my hand size. Zero problems after 300 rounds. I know some complain about recoil but I personally don’t mind putting 50 or so rounds at the range with it. I do have to watch flinching and train myself but I’ve had that with other small guns and is probably just me, but i have good groups with it even compared to my m&p. I recommend the Hellcat for carry.

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Just recently got the m&p m2.0 4.25" I changed the sights to some trijicon night sights because I heard someone say the front sight will have issues down the road. Only thing about carrying it is the grip is like sandpaper and will destroy your belly and shirt after a while. I got a piece of fabric and put it between myself and the grip and no more problem.