The Springfield Armory 'Micro Hi-Cap' 9mm Hellcat | USCCA

Industry experts and consumers alike have been searching for the perfect full-powered everyday carry (EDC) pistol for the last 10 years or so. This search has led to a textbook example of the “pendulum of change” phenomena — seeking to fix a problem from one side and creating a completely new problem on the other side. At either extreme, fewer people are happy. The trick is to get the pendulum to rest in the middle. With the introduction of the Hellcat, Springfield Armory now has an EDC pistol positioned in the middle of the pendulum swing … and it’s impressive!

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A couple people I know have already bought the Hellcat. Is it on your Christmas list?

Have you had a chance to shoot the Hellcat? Thoughts?

How would I find a dealer or someone who would be willing to allow a trial firing? The gun sounds like a great option, but I am hesitant to spend any money on something new without trying it out (kinda like buying a car, or even a pair of shoes).

I’m totally the same way, @Leon7! I don’t want to buy it if I haven’t tried it or tried one VERY similar to it.

You might be able to find one through our Find a Shooting or Gun Range tool. I’d give the ranges in your area a call before you go to see if they have one to rent.

Thank you Dawn!

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I tried and tried to purchase one of these guns. I wanted one so bad. I had read every review, watched every YouTube video and consumed every article that was written about the Hellcat. No one had one. I was on everyone’s notifications list but time just seemed to drag none were available. So, I ended up buying a Sig P365 SAS. The Hellcat’s are still few and far between so until Springfield Armory starts producing more and they become more readily available I will stay with my Sig with the 12rd mag.

I wish they would have chosen a different name. The name, “Hellcat”, is just another tool for an anti-2nd Amendment prosecutor to use to attempt to convince a jury that you were predisposed to harm someone. It is similar to RIP ammo, etc. IMO.

The potential added scrutiny in the event that I needed to protect myself or others is not worth 1 extra round over the Sig 365 for me.

I have not seen a “Hellcat” in a gun store yet. But I’m already confused by some of the hype. Some articles say or simply imply it holds more rounds than a Sig Sauer P-365. Sig sells 10 round, 12 round, and 15 round mags for all three of the P-365 models. I don’t how the Hellcat has an advantage.

I have a little over 1000 rounds through mine. Being a Glock Man I did not like the trigger so I installed a Powder River. The next thing I felt I needed was a little better grip. Once I changed the grip I am confident of 3 inch groups at 7 yards. Having moved from a Glock 30 to the “Hellcat” I sometimes forget to remove it when I get home, it is so much lighter. Very easy to conceal, never had a misfire yet, light weight and small form factor with 14 rounds.
I might add I recently changed from a body mass to brain center shooter, so the 9mm is more than enough. I would like to see it in 22LR.

This is slightly off topic, but why the change, @Niels?