A Grand Power Pistols Poll

Does ANYBODY have ANYTHING to comment on these? I’m getting back into my long-lost hobby - pistol-shooting - and I’m planning to buy a small “using” collection for a start - two Grand Powers I’ve researched are the P380 and the P40L - the 4" and 5" full-size models - one for carry, and the other as a “fun gun”. I still think they’re ugly, but their features versus price seem to be truly impressive.


I think I would look for police or military trade ins. Usually they are in pretty good shape and you get a better quality product. When you see an item you like better grab it quick as those usually don’t last long on the website.


I have 2 conceal carry XD subcompact 40, for open carry while fishing ruger black hawk 357 full length barrel.

If they’re what floats your boat, why not?
Do they offer a .22lr chambering as well, for inexpensive training?