Opinion about G43 vs G42

I really liked shooting my friend G43 and set out to buy on but then I saw a G42 next to it. The G42 is much smaller. It’s a .38 cal. Does anyone have experience with? The G42 I cost much less and tomorrow I can buy any gun for 20% off on base.

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Not trying to talk you out of a fine pistol . The 42 is chambered in .380 and if you think finding 9mm is an issue try to buy some premium self defense ammo in .380 right now.

Nice gun but for the minuscule increase in size I like the 9mm 43. Really small guns are tougher to shoot well so the 43 is about as small as I like to shoot. As a matter of fact my most often carried EDC gun nowadays is a 43X. The grip fits my hand very well and it’s still a very easy to conceal handgun.


1st glock 42 is a 380 acp the 43 is 9mm. 42 is smaller & lighter & thinner. If it fits your hand, if you can shoot it. I don’t really know much about glocks, they work, good enough for some folks. Guess you might want to look into it a little more

If you want a small .380, you can get a smaller one than the G42. Normally, I’d say rent one and try if it reliably eats a couple of different types of defensive and range ammo. But with the .380 shortage, this may be a problem.

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I think I’m going to get the G43 because I’ve fired it and fell in love with it. I’ve fired my son’s M&P Shield and it wasn’t as impressive to me. The G43x just defeats the point of looking for this size gun. Besides it would cost $424 and ammo is easier to come by.


IMO, when it comes to getting something you know you want vs something you think you want, I’d get the former.

Personally, I fired the G43 and Airweight at the range, and came home with a CM9 (yes, I’m one of the few people that prefer the Kahrs). For me, that sized 9mm has killed any desire to pick up a 380… although I would love to get an old government model Colt Mustang one of these days, just because.

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I agree with @Enzo_T. I find 9 mm ammo every week. I cannot find .380 at all and stupid me didn’t realize this before I bought my .380


Yep… Right before this all went to hell I bought my wife a really nice SIG P238 Spartan. Thank GOD I have some .380 for it because I went to buy more and I’m still looking but I have to hoard what I have. I let her shoot a few mags so we could make sure its reliable with the carry ammo I have (it is) and now it’s just a carry piece that she can’t practice with. Thank God she’s a 1911 girl and she is at home with the control, AND I have enough .45 ammo to keep her practicing for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time with her Kimber UltraCarry.

9mm I have been able to find, at outrageous prices, but still cost effective for the training I do since I just pass it on to my students, who are happy to have anything to fire their guns with, without depleting my personal stash.


I’m finding 9 mm blazers for 15 a box

That’s a good deal for todays world…


Where are you finding ammo for that price?

Not to add any confusion. I’ve owned both a 43 and 42. If you’re looking for something in that size the sig p365 is a very comparable firearm but has a much higher capacity. If you have the ability to fire one before you purchase I would highly recommend it.

That being said I enjoyed my Glock 43. It was very light and comfortable to conceal. You won’t be disappointed

Now I’m thinking about getting both.

@mdstanzel, every Monday at Rural King. As soon as they open the doors at 7 am. Then you have Wednesday at dunham’s at 10 am.

This is always the best answer :smiley:

The G42 is a large .380. If concealment is the main concern, there are smaller 380s.
The G43, if you can manage the small grip is a nice shooter, not much larger than the G42 but the 9mm (IMO) offers a significant upgrade.

As @Sheepdog556 mentioned, the Sig P365 (and the Springfield Hellcat) are very nearly the same size as the G43, but offer noticeably more capacity, and many people find the grip a little easier to handle.

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I bought the 43. Will be thinking about the 42.


Shoulda got an M&P :man_shrugging:t2::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Great choice!