Grand Power Pistols

Any comments about these? My concern is regarding grip-fit, with my rather stubby fingers, given the double-stack mags they’re only offered in. Everything about these pistols - except the maybe too-wide grips - really made me get on their website and seriously look at them. They’re also listed in several holstermakers’ lists.

are you seriously considering Grand Power pistols for yourself?
Last time you started discussion they were " the UGLIEST polymer frames you’ve seen". :roll_eyes:

Fist of all, you have to find out of you like their rotating barrel locking system. Not every shooter likes it and sometimes it can be disappointing causing bad shooting experience.

I personally like their hammer fired line - P1 and P11. Great ergonomics and perfect fit. These are very similar to CZ P07 (from grip perspective) and CZ P01 (from shooting comfort perspective).

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Sometimes, ugly things just grow on you. :rofl:


“Ugly” was a first-impression - when I glanced at them, I first thought they’d been built with a lick-and-a-promise - after I saw the video reviews, I began to appreciate their features. I felt the same way when I first saw Springfield’s pistols, but I still can’t reconcile obsolete grip safeties - I was really disappointed that the Llama and Rock Island 1911-styled .380s had them. I read that the GPs will accept fiberoptic sights made for CZ pistols.

Grand Power has very common with CZ production.
Because I like CZ, own them and feel great shooting them, I don’t have any problem shooting GP pistols. There is always personal factor involved when you decide to made a purchase, so it’s hard to tell somebody “buy or not to buy”.
Do I like GP pistols? Yes.
Do I own GP pistol? No.
Do I recommend GP pistol? Yes, I would recommend any pistol than shoots and hits exactly where you aim. The question is always the same: does the pistol shoots the same way in hands of other person… That’s something nobody can give the answer.

I’m surprised they aren’t inferior in your eyes. :wink::rofl:

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P01 was my first 1911- style pistol… I treat it as my Staccatos’ ancestor :grin:

Thinking about GP pistol… Perhaps people can start from them to find out they want something better? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I got to handle a P11 mk12 at Cabelas. The only thing that turned me away was the size of the grip, too short.

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Choose a pistol that fits properly in your hand, not for aesthetics or something neat. If it doesn’t fit properly, it won’t be safely fired properly, then you most likely won’t enjoy shooting the pistol, and then you just spent money on a pistol that you hate shooting when it should be fun. In my honest opinion.


They look as though there is some Walther in their gene pool. Can’t judge how it fits in the hand until you actually get one there. None of the ranges in my area have one in their rental pool, so I’ll have to wait before making a final judgement.

Their replacement sights are mentioned as similar to the CZ-75. Their magazines? - don’t know. When I read a complaint about Baby Eagle mags, someone said Berettas would work - theirs are offered in 10, 12, and 14, also.

I have the Xcaliber and actually like it. its not a safe queen it goes to the range and gets shot regularly. I have big hands so its different for me.

Welcome aboard sir! We are glad to have you.

Thank you

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