My All-Steel, .380 Proposal

One of my philosophies over the years is to speak OUT for what you want. Here is my proposal to Magnum Research. Contours: rounded, flat, snag-free Slide-to-frame lockup: CZ-style, similar to the Eagle Action: DA/SA blowback, with burr hammer Barrel: 100mm/3.9" Capacity: 8-10 round straight-stack magazine with finger extension Sights: fixed 3-dot, with red fiberoptic front as an option Controls: discrete - slide-mounted thumb safety, extended slide-stop, button magazine release Grips: ergonomic for small hands No-tools takedown Black finish Weight: 20-30 ounce range Proposed model names: “Talon” - “Falcon” - “Peregrine” - “Shrike” I mentioned that I’d studied the original Walther PP, CZ 83, and the Sig Sauer P239 and P232 - noting the extreme flatness of the former, and the elegant lines of the latter. What would tickle me is if it made a hit with the Mossad. If my proposal interests you, please support my efforts, and contact - FYI - THX

Out of curiosity, why didn’t you post this under one of the other threads you started about your proposal for an all steel .380 instead of starting a new thread? From reading them, they should really all be one thread.

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