Self-appointed Missions (Impossible?)

I’m done - I’ve written 4 knifemakers on the Wood folder, 3 gunmakers on all-steel .380s, and 2 ammo mfrs. on the .41 Special - time will tell - what’s old may re-appear as new - my emphasis has always been to give us viable choices in the near future.

Isn’t the Sig P238 an all steel 380? Never hurts to ask companies for stuff.

Yes, but it’s an ugly, cut-down 1911 SA-styled pistol - the P232 is streamlined and elegant.


M-249s in every ones Christmas stockings! A person can always wish!


Tough to find now though. I bought the stainless steel model 18 years ago. Love it. Reminds you a lot of a Walther PPK.

More of this. :+1: