A Last Gasp - all-steel, full-sized .380

I’ve offered my proposals for an all-steel, full-sized .380 to Magnum Research - I don’t know if BUL Armory can be convinced to make it, and add it to their line, but at least MR seemed to be receptive to what I’d envisioned. I’d speculate that a few hundred of you would be interested in what would be now an exclusive product. Time will tell - shoot enough gun!


Out of curiosity, why .380 if you are going for a full sized gun? I bet the recoil would be nice.

I borrowed features from the Walther PP, CZ 83, Sig Sauer P232 & P239 in my proposal, pistols no longer available - look them up. The only pistol close to my ideal is the FEG PA-63 - alloy frame and weak springs, made in Hungary. I’ve gotten tired of these .380s with 2-3" barrels. The CCP M2 is a unique design, but its gas-powered recoil vents gas onto the polymer frame, which can’t be good for it over time.

What’s wrong with one of these?

Current Production — 1911-380 Pistols (browning.com)


I have no doubt that any of these could wring out the full potential and performance of the .380, but frankly, the 1911 - a decades-old, tried-and-true design - is a dinosaur. It’s too MUCH gun for the .380 - I find SAs and grip safeties laughable, but buy and shoot what you want. I wonder what the tourist prices are for these.

Now I understand where you are coming from.

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