Move over, Assault Rifle

Here comes “Battle Rifle.”


Has the incessant fear-mongering of AR-15 style rifles had such an effect on the public that even police now think it’s a weapon of mass destruction?


It appears so. Likely in large part thanks to intentionally misleading and politically motivated articles such as this one.

Though I suspect not all the officers there were infected by the hoplophobic propaganda. Unfortunately the one’s quoted here were and that included the person in charge who ordered hundreds of officers to stand by while kids were being murdered.

I’m not trying to say their fear of the situation wasn’t justified. I can’t imagine a scarier situation than trying to confront a mass murderer in a room full of kids. But it still would have been an incredibly threatening situation if the sick scumbag was armed with a shotgun or pistol. The response should have been the same regardless of the tool being used.


Looks like the responders had the same style “battle rifle.” The responders also appeared to have no clue as to what to do. An obvious lack of training plus a heavy dose of cowardice, IMO.


Hard to believe 1) those cowards are from Texas and 2) a Texas media source is reporting this crap.
I guess they did “California their Texas.”


There are exactly zero countries that have the AR-15 designated as their “battle rifle”. The choice by cowards to not engage is proof of cowardice, not proof that they were outgunned. Police Departments have AR-15 platforms. They chose not to engage because they are cowards.


And I think that, unfortunately, the first ones onsite hesitated and caused a chain reaction with those who arrived later. I remember seeing some officers interviewed who initially went charging in there to stop the shooter only to stop when they reached the other officers inside and then start to question their lack of body armor, ballistic shield, handgun vs rifle, etc., and then stop to “wait for those who had the proper equipment”.


I’ve had to attack a fortified position. Most of the veterans here probably have had to. He11, I have had to work on a brother, while I was being shot at. The choice was simple, I can sit and make excuses for why I didn’t go to my brother who was shot. Or I could sh1t hot and get off the pot and get my brother to safety. I chose to save rather than wait for someone to come save me.

Thats a choice that has to be made. My way may not be the choice others would have been. But each of those officers has the weight of that decision that they made. It’s not the one I personally would have made. But calling it anything other than a simple binary decision is trying to rationalize their decision.

Want to know who was outgunned? The children, who were trapped inside while the “police” were waiting for someone else to come. Those and the people who support gun control, because they think it’s better to be a victim than it is to be armed and allowed to protect themselves. That somehow virtue signaling a desire to be a victim is better than being able to defend you and yours.


Cowardice is contagious.


We’ll all remember that when the anti-2A folks tell us that only police need guns.
Will anyone else remember?


That’s why I engage in political action.


And did the police department educate their officers as to what an AR-15 actually is?


100% agree. And for me personally, even if the actions/words of others caused me to initially hesitate or second guess going in, the next gunshot I heard would have sent me running toward the classroom again. There’s no way I could have just sat and listened to children being shot a few yards down the hallway and do nothing to stop it.


It’s not the weapon, it’s the tactics.

We were taught in training that an untrained kid with a rifle is no match for trained responder with a pistol.

I hope I never have to find it out personally.

Huge props to those on this forum who have already found it out personally.


That is the entirety of my issues with Gun Control. I have earned the right, the absolute right to act on my own behalf. I am a veteran. I put my service to this country above my personal safety. Like every other single veteran. We have sacrificed, to give people the right to have opinions and points of views that are inimical to ours. I do not have to agree with their POV, and they don’t have to agree with mine. But that does not give them the right to trample upon my rights.

This Country was founded on certain principles. There is a mechanism to amend the Constitution, amend it if you can. If this was the outcome demanded by the people, the Constitution can be amended. They can’t, they know what they are, they are the “squeaky wheel”, the same with the current insanity that our country is having with social mores.

A few percentage points of the population are “wagging the dog”.


The entire Uvalde police force should be fired and replaced. They failed to do their jobs and protect the community that pays their salaries. Is the job dangerous? Sure. Could they have gotten shot? Sure. But waiting for the Border Patrol SWAT team to show up while children were being slaughtered in front of them is inexcusable cowardice.


Apparently it is not their job. It is society’s. We only hope they can.

Part of “protect and serve” means putting yourself into the line of fire to protect those behind you. Does it suck? Yes, but if you can’t do it, don’t start a career in police work.


This is just another of many excuses of why they did not act. Shameful is what it is. :unamused:
Another form of “blame the gun”.


I think there are many LEOs that take this responsibility seriously. But there have been court rulings that say that LEOs are not required to risk their lives to protect others. Which as I believe you referenced earlier is clear proof why we need the ability and access to the necessary tools to defend ourselves.