We must prepare good, law-abiding citizens to protect the weak and vulnerable

When are we going to wake up and put the right tools into the hands of good, law-abiding people who can protect kids and all other innocent people.

This is just crazy sick.


Tennessee is the new Colorado.


Was seriously thinking about this, this morning. Even if trained, and armed, a teacher or an administrator, would they run towards the gun fire?

I only ask because of the cowards witnessed in the Uvalde shooting. In which case officers were armed to the teeth, vested and well trained! They stood there washing their hands as the shooter took out his prey! Unless that teacher has prior military or LEO background, is a civilian going to run towards?

Now I pray, that the crisis goes to waste. This is Brandon’s fault. They are going to use this situation any second now, to blame Trump, extreme MAGA Republicans, conservatives, bible toting and gun owning civilians. Now is the time NOT to hear from this administration!

A female shooter, extraordinary circumstances, to say the least. I don’t recall a female shooter in our history. I have my thoughts, but I’ll reserve till some facts surface!

Prayers to the families and friends!


Ditto :cry:


I think there are many teachers, staff and administrators who truly care about the kids they interact with every day. If properly trained and equipped I believe most would be more motivated and better able to respond than your typical LEO. And they would have the undeniably important advantage of being on site when the event started.

I have read that some states that allow staff to carry at school require that teachers undergo significant training and even psychological testing. Not just to ensure the staff are safe to carry in a challenging school environment but also to ensure they are ready and willing to use force against a student who is imminently threatening others’ lives. I know many here object to those requirements but I think they make sense to maximize student safety and minimize unintended incidents.


My new favorite quote. Eleanor Roosevelt once said "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."


In response to “would they run towards or away from the fire “ , if they chose to run away . Have someone hold the door open for them and hand them a map with directions to Uvalde Texas , I hear that they are looking for some new cops , they may be overqualified though . Prayers go out to the families and community of Nashville .



Not picking on my crayon-eating brothers, just a meme that came to mind.

My standard answer is that no one really knows how they would respond. It’s an easy thing for keyboard warriors to say what we would do in a situation. It’s another thing entirely when you’re in a situation. I’ve even heard stories from tough-as-nails combat vets about how they fell apart in their 8th firefight, etc. It even happens to the best of us.

That said, we had a school shooting a few years ago where a teacher threw himself in front of the shooter and saved several lives. He definitely ran towards the sound of gunfire. It’s too bad he didn’t have anything except his own mortal body to defend his students with.


They’re reporting a 28-year-old female shooter who had once attended the same school.
She definitely doesn’t fit the profile of a school shooter by age or gender. (Stereotypical school shooter is a white male in late teens to early 20s.) I’m slightly intrigued to hear what comes of this case, but for now I’m just sad that there are dead kids and relieved that (ding dong) the perp is dead.

Also this:

“I know there are people who will criticize us for prayers but that’s the way we do it in the south.”
-David Rausch, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation


I am NOT a gun owner, but am requesting for others to lay down their arms. My heart breaks watching innocent people get slaughtered like this. So today I ask gun owners to lay down their weapons and give the government permission to take them away. We must end the violence!



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history says it’s way better to be armed then unarmed… yet over and over we hear calls to disarm…



One thing I love about Marines is their sense of humor. I’ve never met a Marine who couldn’t tell me his favorite color of crayon. :laughing:


With some of the ■■■■ so many veterans have had to deal with… ya better have a sense of humor!

even if it is kinda dark sometimes…


That would only result in more innocent people being killed. After being here so long I cannot believe you said that, it boggles my mind. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s because you missed his subtle “sarcasm” tag (/S) at the end.


I use emojis :slightly_smiling_face:.


I think it depends on the circumstances. A teacher’s first responsibility is to lock the classroom doors and make sure the shooter can’t get to the students. If I was a teacher, would I be comfortable with my students being behind a locked door on their own? Does that keep them safe enough for me to chase after the shooter elsewhere in the school? I don’t know. I might lean towards being an armed person between the shooter and my students. But if I was an administrator or a janitor, that’s a different story. And if you’ve got multiple good guys armed in the school, you should have a plan based on different scenarios. You don’t want someone at each end of a hallway, shooting at the guy in the middle. That would include plans for what the teachers should do vs others who might be armed.


Probably the job of the teacher would be to stay with their class and guard that classroom/immediate area, and most likely nobody would task teachers with doing what LE prefers to use SWAT teams for


Well dang, it turns out the shooter does fit the profile. Just late twenties instead of early twenties.

I’m sorry if this detracts from the real story, that there are 3 children who went to school and died. But in a crazy coincidence, just today, the FBI released data on active shootings in 2021. All active shooters except one were male. How will the FBI categorize this shooter? From what I’m reading, he was a legal male who identified as a woman. (I know, I’m a bad person, but it’s the trivial stuff that catches my attention.)