More Fox Den Solution Training

Yesterday was a great day of training—Shoothouse, Shooting on the move and learning how 9mm rounds will affect a car. We skip rounds off the car’s hood - and put rounds on a paper target. Plus, an overview of trauma medical treatment. " This was not a trauma medical course."

In one of the simulations in the shoot house, two people were sitting having lunch and looking down at the Menu; suddenly, someone shouted shooter- That is when we used OODA, “Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.” How do you and the person you are having lunch with deal with the threat? How about all civilians, or how fast can you identify the shooter?

I learned so much and still have so much to learn.


You’re just having waaayyy too much fun. I want to live where you live!
Skipping rounds off the hood of a car? ???
Let me know when they teach you how to curve a bullet!


It was the discover and learning part of the course. You be suprise how far a round skipping off a car hood could go and the damge it produces.

It was a fun class! :saluting_face::heart_eyes::grinning:


I had a self defense pistol class where we observed the same lesson by skipping bullets off of the tops of plastic 50 gallon drums into targets. It doesn’t take much to redirect a bullet when the angles are shallow enough.

Our instructor’s main point was shooting over the hood of a vehicle or similar flat concealment is not the best idea since the rounds that hit it are likely to skip right at you.


When I went through door kicker school they drilled it into us NEVER be up tight to a wall stay at minimum 6 inches off for that reason


I have figured out how to make a round rickahshaaa. Off the cement and hit what is BEON the concrete. Not as Good as hitting the target first but still way kool. You would have to see. To BLEAVE. No shif.

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It’s called a RICOCHET :bangbang:

Can you Lite a match with a 22 rifle :question:. Or have you ever seen it done :question:

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Having lunch and ,? Ya hear shooter. I . Would . Not Need to hear Shooter :bangbang: I BLEAVE I KNOW WHAT SHOTS SOUNDS LIKE FOR SURE :bangbang::bangbang: AN LUNCH WOULD BE OVER !! I BLEAVE everyone that has heard a fizz go passed there head would not have to hear Shooter. But if I missed the shoots I guess I AM dead KAZ I know that sound for dam sure great job :bangbang:

My 10.22 carbine is my favorite rifle and I understand that it’s not as nice as some other members have . But I can afford to practice with it and Jerzy SIR HELPED ME WITH THE RIGHT TIPE OF AMMO SO NO MORE FIZZ AND MISS FIRES . And it does me . Very nice I can hit the target better with it and it’s my favorite . Thank you Jerzy Brother TRUELY GRATE AMMO AN GRATE SHOOTING Bobby Jean :owl::feather::feather::us::chile::100::v:t5: