MOMA NYC stabbing

Gun free zones do work, cause no guns in this video. Sadly, no one happened to carry a cop on their belt.


Worse yet, it appeared the guard was afraid to confront the man, leaving those two unarmed and helpless. It is likely the employees were not allowed to carry any defensive tools. Pathetically, that story carried links to other heinous crimes in NYC, such as, two homeless men shot, one killed.

He became enraged after being denied entry to MoMA. Apparently, the appreciation of art and the finer things in life do soothe the savage heart. That idea reminded me of Bride of Frankenstein, blind man scene and this one Young Frankenstein, blind man scene.


Sadly, the good guy with a gun is not always available.


If I was a guard in NYC, I would be afraid to do my job, too. The city, unfortunately, has a history of punishing the most helpless of people, all so they can say they’re doing something about their high crime rate. It’s too hard to take down the mafia and it’s too dangerous to confront the armed street gangs, so they just go after people like construction workers who are carrying multi-tools with knives in them (yes, that’s a real story).