New York City

The latest video about another murder from stabbing in NYC is especially jarring:

We could break this down frame by frame of what went wrong. We could probably do that with most of the crime videos, but something about this case seems especially preventable (aside from the fact that NYC and most major cities are currently lost to criminal violence).

The lack of situational awareness, avoidance, not escaping, and mistakes in self-defense all seem to really standout here (setting aside the fact that NYC punished people for self defense).

Take this situation out of NYC and what are all things that could’ve and should’ve been done to get out alive - or not get into this situation to start?


Enforce the laws on the books, jail repeat offenders, have competent DA’s that actually prosecute, back the Blue, don’t hang out in war zones at 4am, carry protection.


This is a sad story. One of the big reasons I left NYC is because I saw the writing on the wall. This perpetrator definitely has mental issues. This tragedy should have never happened. It was already reported that this man was emotionally unstable. Maybe the victim and his girlfriend should have walked in the other direction and avoided contact with him. Even being armed if it were me I would walk in the other direction.


We see the “Unhoused” act like that around here, throwing trash cans, Kicking Scooters. R and I sat at an intersection last week and watched a guy go ninja on the Road Closed construction signs, tipped them over and jumped up and down on them. Scary for sure.
In this case, turning and going the other way when he started kicking stuff may have been the right thing to do.
But here’s my deal, just because he turns and starts yell at you, happens around here everyday, doesn’t mean you can use a firearm. In this case the victim, if armed, really would have had less than a second to decide. A second too soon and he get’s arrested for shooting a mentaly ill guy, a second later he’s mortally injured.


Until there are consequences again, NOTHING changes.


Exactly, he got attacked and killed when he fell on the bench. He failed tactically when he moved away from his girlfriend. If he was trying to protect her, he left her exposed. If that guy turned on her instead, she’d be the one stabbed to death.

It happened so suddenly, and I don’t believe I would have expected a deadly confrontation from a guy committing a petty property crime, that I do not blame the guy for not reacting better. Also, we are viewing this from our perspective, which is our having mentally gone through innumerable self-defense scenarios. He likely never had an inkling of an idea about that. He certainly did not appear to know how to defend himself. I am not condemning him for that, that is just my observation.

It is a sad commentary on our current society that one can be stabbed to death, just because you witnessed a petty property crime, or whatever irrational idea was in that man’s mind. We used to have the death penalty for such a crime, and swift justice. No question he did it. No tainted eye-witnesses - this video did not lie.


Unfortunately, not unique to SLC or NYC. A common sight wherever there are legions of homeless, crazy people who wander the streets like animals. Another unfortunate reality is that there is nothing an individual can do to change that reality except move away from it.


Pretty much explains it