Knife Mass Murder in Paris

We back our police officers here and abroad who put their lives on the line to help keep us safe. Our thoughts an prayers go out to all who are affected by the loss of life in this mass murder in a Paris police station.

Never, ever allow the dishonest, anti-gun forces who’ve unfortunately infested the American news media to get away with lying about your guns or this nation’s crime problems. Your AR-15 is not the problem. Neither is your Glock or your SIG or your Springfield or any other firearm you own for that matter.

The problem is the kind of individual who would walk into a police station with the intent of murdering people. Your guns are one of the solutions.

Ed Combs

Senior Editor

Concealed Carry Magazine


Wow! From what I have read, he worked at the PD, was deaf and frustrated that his disability did not open doors for his advancement. He went to work at 0900 and after several texts to his wife went to a store, bought a kitchen knife and an oyster knife and went back to work. In the next 7 minutes he killed the 4 officers and a clerk. He was shot and killed when he rushed another police officer in the courtyard. I assume there were not a lot of people in the area where this occurred even though it was a very large building. It appears he surprised everyone as he approached them. But it was all ended by a good guy with a gun.

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Are they calling for registration and permits on kitchen knives @mikebky?
Oh, right, probably not.

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Not yet, but they will probably look at banning some knives. But not kitchen knives of oyster knives that were used in this crime. We need to introduce them to Fiskars!

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