Assault with a knife - You could be dealing with this guy

“Michael said he ‘blacked out’ after the first time he stabbed the victim and didn’t remember how many times he stabbed him in total,”

“Michael specifically targeted the victim’s head, face, neck (and) upper chest which are all vital areas,”

Michael said he actually hopes the victim survives, so he will remember not to ‘(expletive) with’ Michael again."

Think about that next time an “unhoused citizen” comes up to you and starts yelling.


@Mike164 .
I’m so glad it didn’t happen in SLC. :ok_hand:


Now we know why they are called “the mean streets “


I’ve been shown two different techniques for disarming someone with a knife. Neither one comes close to guaranteeing you don’t get cut at least a time or two.

One of the instructors also showed a few techniques for attacking with a knife. He calls one the sewing machine. I’ve seen several internet videos of criminals using a similar technique. Not something I’d want to be on the receiving end of!


We put on white tee shirts, then we put lip stick on the cutting edge of our training knives before we practice real time real speed attacks. As you said, we get lip stick on our shirts, hands, arms…


I’ve always feared a knife attack more than some guy pulling a gun. Not because a gun is less lethal but because a knife attack is so fast. Judging from what I’ve read and seen on actual videos, it seems so much of a surprise when some nut-case suddenly starts slashing and the silence is deafening. Seeing a guy pull a gun I may have a few seconds to react but with a knife I don’t think I’d even know what was happening unless the perp was a complete idiot and started with his hand in the air screaming.


I’ve heard it put like this:
Run from a knife Fight for the gun. A knife is good for a couple of feet a gun is good for many yards.


I’ve witnessed guns fired in violent incidents which didn’t bother me one bit. But knives are different.

There was one incident where a thug pulled out a knife to threaten me. The image of my younger brother whom I lost to a stabbing immediately came to mind.
I ran for my life. I didn’t think twice.

Now that I’m carrying, I’m extremely careful not to be caught in the same situation.


Crazy homeless people infest all major cities. If you think Ogden is bad, trying walking in downtown DC, Oakland, Portland, LA, New York, Las Vegas, Denver, etc.

When I worked in DC, I got off the metro at the Foggy Bottom metro station and walked about a mile to my office at 3300 K street. I navigated a phalanx of dirty, crazy bums every single day, in two directions. For me, the smell of urine in DC streets is only rivaled by the bathroom in Penn Station in New York. And that’s in our nation’s capital, supposedly the shining city on a hill.

There are too many to imprison, and imprisonment won’t help, 'cause sooner than later they have to be released and society (hopefully) has moved beyond creating concentration camps or Einsatzgruppen mobile death squads to dispose of the people it considers undesirable. And prison does not turn people into decent, productive citizens or contribute to building social wealth other than enriching the contractors who build/run prisons.

Governments – federal, state and local – lack the competence and desire to address the problem, so waiting for governments to “do something” is a fool’s errand. I’ve come to understand that elected officials are simply individuals who want a government job for life and are often unqualified to do anything other than run for office.

What can/should individuals do? I moved away from urban America. My wife was ED for the local Habitat affiliate that builds affordable housing one family at a time, and I’ve sat on the BOD of a large, local charity that provides food and other assistance to the indigent. But both of those things are clearly inadequate to deal with the magnitude of the problem we face.

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You are absolutely right. Perhaps the solution lies in constructing giant er… quarantine facilities, similar in size to the one they showed in El Salvador, except they are NOT prisons. They are health and well-being care facilities for bums and habitual offenders. And no, they don’t have to be released any sooner, than they are cured of drug addiction or mental illness or there is someone who would take care of them. The latter includes govts of Guatemala, Honduras, etc etc. who don’t send their best people here.

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I’ve already put him on ignore after my first encounter with him. It saves me from the high blood pressure he would bring me and I don’t want to waste my breath on it.

One of the navel college rules:
Never argue with an idiot, the ppl watching can’t tell the difference


I had a female come at my vehicle with a broom yelling and waving the broom. I hate having to go to Seattle.


Karen the Witch?


She looked the part, that is for sure!


Don’t like my comments? Don’t read 'em since they obviously upset you.

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Spoken like a true arse-hole whom only cares for himself. Don’t bother replying to me, I’ve already blocked you. I only saw your comment to remove the notification at the bottom of the page.

A fan of Harry Potter (Hairy Potter? I mean, its Seattle)


You got it mein herr. Now go log in to your online hamas meeting. Don’t forget your SS hat with the deaths head emblem. You will be all the rage.

Lol, just kidding.


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Oh the " “Nomad Tribes” are bad here in Huntington, W.Va. of all places, or the " Backpackers" so to speak. It used to be the same old two guys standing on their usual corners bumming with bags of fast food people buy them that they could care less about and leave there for dogs to eat but now there are literal gangs of them . Cant hardly go in a gas station type place without being accosted by a few of them and as usual the cops wont do anything about them. The bug houses are closed anymore and noone wants to take care of their withdrawing selves in jail puking and crapping all over theirselves. People always say " get a job!" and Im thinking “whos gonna hire them, you?” They usually have no ID , no drivers liscense, no address, no transportation or anything else. I dont wanna be mean to them but aint much I can do for them so what to do?