Is it Time To Ban Assault Kinves

These stories are from recent news here in Salt Lake. These damn assault knives seem to be an epidemic. Assault knife stabs a friend 9 times, Assault knife stabbed ex-girlfriend, The assault knife escalated, which resulted in multiple people being stabbed.
Not one of these articles target the Assault knife, not a single word about background checks, nobody asking for common sense assault knife laws…


The UK is leading the world in common sense knife laws. They even have special scary names for super duper scary black knives that look extra assaulty.


Seems like carrying knifes is catching on amongst people cause one can get up close, undetected, and do their stabbing/slashing quick, silently, and easily then take off running before anyone suspects anything that’s happening while victim stands there shocked, wondering what in the world just happened before dropping to the ground seriously hurt/dead. Head on swivel everywhere, anytime one is out and about. It’s getting STUPID DANGEROUS out there! People have just plainly lost their minds. It’s ridiculous, it’s not even funny. Murderers walking/driving around with illegal possession of firearms, and butchers/scumbags walking around with knifes to stick/stab people for the hell of it cause they love the thrill of it. These people have no mercy, no respect for human life, and no heart.



I actual carry (in my EDC kit a couple of my sisters Crochet needles Gold (#2’s) of course! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2:


What is considered an assault knife? I have many knives in my collection, EDC folders, auto out the front, and an assortment of fixed blades. I don’t carry around my fixed blades for EDC, but my EDC blades are considered illegal here in Illinois because they are 4’’ or more in blade length. I just prefer larger blades. I don’t ever get hassled but if I ever had to use one for back up then I cross the line because it is used with intent. The knife laws are crazy here in Illinois. With my permit I can carry around .40 S&W loaded with rounds with muzzle velocity of 1200 fps but my backup knife can’t have a blade length more than 3" (I think less in Cook County). To me this is just silly crazy. I could be wrong here, so I am not clear on what an assault knife is. I believe all of mine are considered assault knives.


Can it cut cold butter without being heated?

Then it’s an assault knife!

Sharp blade longer than 1”?

That’s an assault knife!!!

9-11 was done with evil assault box cutters!

Remember kids, guns and knives are bad,… governments are here to help! :ox::poop:


Testing out my extended range high caliber assault knife!


Oh YOU are Twisted Brother!


I still have my toys from when I was doing midevil reenactment fighting!

Honestly I was surprised how much damage even my little folder did to that ballistic head prior to that shot. Not convinced it would have breached the skull on a stab, but easily slashed to the bone, and penetrated through the gel all the way to the spine on a throat stab!


It’s Funny Will (to me anyway–Not the guy it happened to)
A Brother hit a Screaming Memee shouting Aloha Snack Bar! w/ his
mini-Machete and it took off the top of his head (Cleanly)
It flew up into the air and landed right side up and made this sound like. .‘MOP!’
Picture the top of a Coconut w/ hair on it!

Just sitting there! Weird what you remember later on.

I was unsupervised as a Child…a lot!

This is MINE!


I definitely would’ve taken some full force stabs at that head if it had been a fixed blade in my pocket!

Come to think of it,… I have a marine Kbar on the shelf (from my stepdad’s collection of weapons)

Maybe I will use that against the other ballistic head that’s sitting in the cooler!


Head in a cooler! hmmmmm I have one of those! er… um… Ballistic Head! yeah yeah Ballistic head! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I fear a skilled individual with a knife more than I fear the average hood with a gun. Speed, ease of use, ease of procurement and legality means my odds of encountering a knife are probably greater than some fool with a stolen or ghost gun. They probably shouldn’t be banned but more severe penalties for use in an assault may be in order.


Women used to wear large hat pins specifically to defend themselves. I know a few that carry neck knives under their loose tops if they are not carrying a pistol in a Flash Bang holster.


I don’t know about that one. If you assault or kill someone should it really mater what someone used as a weapon? A gun, a knife, a brick, a car, a big stick? Either way they have assaulted or killed someone with a deadly weapon. Seems they should be disarmed and locked up for a long time regardless of the tool.

I can see the case for stiffer penalties in some cases for someone who uses a weapon vs bare hands or feet. It suggests the intent to cause more harm. But labeling some weapons as more evil to kill with than others risks heading down the it’s the weapon’s fault and not the person’s fault path.


I’m surprised that you, having some martial arts background, would treat hand to hand as different than use of a weapon.


The body definitely can be used to cause death or severe bodily harm. Though I’m not sure I would put my novice martial arts skills into the same category as a deadly weapon.

I also think that even a very experienced martial arts practitioner could more easily cause damage with a tool than without in most circumstances. So I feel it could be reasonably argued that a person who commits a crime with some form of weapon could be assumed to be willing to do more harm.

But the presence of a weapon should only be one of many factors considered. An experienced hand to hand fighter that the evidence shows intended to cause someone significant harm should probably face a higher penalty than a thief who tries to bluff their victim with an empty pistol or a butter knife.

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As an example to my above point:

Someone is walking through a bar and bumps into another customer. That customer turns and punches the first one who then falls and cracks their skull on the floor. Even if the second customer was a black belt it would be hard to prove that they intended to kill their target.

Same scenario but the second customer turns and slashes the first with a knife or broken beer bottle leading to the same fall and cracked skull. A lot easier to determine in this case that there was intent to do severe bodily harm.