Unarmed Guards---'Security Theater' --Only time you see Genuine Armed Guards is Protecting Politicians....

Concert Event Massacre. (133+) Dead (and counting
A Plethora (that means a lot!) of Guards (unarmed) stationed all over the Arena.
They fled w/ the concert goer’s!
In this day and age why bother?
And this is coming from a Former Level3 Armed Guard.
This creates the ‘Illusion of Safety’ … and Innocents DIE
let the Citizenry be armed and Protect themselves and Others around them WE WILL!
Too many Bad Guy’s: Terrorists, Militant Migrants, Bangers and Crazies have Firepower today and with the defunded Police we are MORE subject to their murderous wills!

For the foreseeable future, my advice is:(John Farnum from the article)

  1. ) Stay away from crowded events like this one, no matter where you live.
  2. ) Don’t naively “out-source” your own safety.

“I see a gun as the ultimate representation of my ability, as a free citizen, to take final responsibility for my own safety” ~ Gideon Joubert,