Protect your family at all cost and this information need to go to higher places than I. Please ask
DAWN for direction and I know she can give updates, reports, books , and the most need training tips that can help you. The problems with police break downs are just one area that needs to be changed. People are not cattle and are never to be treated as such. We all are human and that is very important. We all have minds and hearts, with a soul. That is one reason that USCCA has written and compiled training material to help train a guide us in the right direction; safely and legally. A person can be taught, educated, and made for the best, but when drugs, alcohols, and hate is in play, things can end up the wrong direction.

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I know man, it’s a tough decision and one I hope we never have to make.

The awful creatures need to be arrested immediately and charged to the maximum extent of the law. With all the cameras and evidence this should make for easy and swift convictions. This sends a message, do not arson, steal, destroy other peoples stuff or you go to prison.

A prime example, the video of that dude with a hammer busting up the POS in the Target, is easily identifiable. He should spend years in prison. We don’t need monsters like these in society.


For sure, there isn’t just one right answer for everyone.

I just talked to a friend who watched the riot go down his block last night. He figured he was safer joining them than facing them. When they moved on, he went home. I can’t recommend that strategy, but it worked for him. :laughing:


The mayor of Minneapolis just said on Fox that all the arrests were agitators from out of town. Hmm. Me thinks that should be fact checked. :roll_eyes:


I think they should publish the names and home addresses after conviction so that people can protest their stupidity.




I am in a state of worry. My daughter and son-in-law live near the epicenter of the rioting in Minneapolis. Their area was close to being evacuated last night. I’m not focusing on anything except their safety right now, but there’s darned little I can do from 1500 miles away.


@OldGnome Nothing you can do but worry from that distance Brother. Have you been in contact?


The lack of response from state and city officials is staggering. Just add that to the list of 2020 events that prove you need to prepare for your own defense.


@BRUCE26 - thanks. We are regularly exchanging text messages and monitoring their Instagram feeds. They are safe so far and taking care in their movements. They are venturing out today to help with clean-up and see if their local post office is still standing. They want to check in the rumor that it was burned to the ground.


A quote from my daughter’s recent text: “Our post office is gone. It is a literal shell.”


Ya just saw that on Fox. What a waste.

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Thank goodness we emptied the prisons so they didnt get sick…



Talk about getting of by a thread…

Deff, don’t recommend but hey if it worked… PRAISE GOD!

For the sake of this conversation, I pray that God does like he did in Bible… flips the enemy on each other and they devour one another…

I know that sounds dramatic but…HEY! I WOULD SIT BACK WITH MY POPCORN

If you can’t defend your place of business, home then you soon won’t be able to defend yourself


Arest a prest inside a church but let rioting go.
Back in the late 60s the Texas rangers came in South Texas to bust up a college riot with 12 gauges they buried a bunch of those rioters and I don’t remember ever having any more riots in that part of Texas the rest of the time we lived there


This is why it is all the more important to find a USCCA Instructor and get formal training and take courses.
You’ll quickly realize, as I did years ago, just how much you didn’t know before you took the course(s).


He acted in the ancient ways of the “Wild Hunt”. It is said that the only ways to survive the Hunt are to run, hide, or join, with joining being the only sure way of not being killed by it.

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. I pray that everyone is well and you may have the victories
that you need.

Riots can happen in any place and it has happened here in FLORIDA; Green Cove Springs Florida.

after 10 weeks of being shut in, the pressure was to great in a SMALL TOWN. in Northern Florida.

Thank you for everyone’s writings.

Madison Wisconsin was hit with protests yesterday and last night.

I am reading various and conflicting accounts on what went on.

Seem like for the most part the daylight protesting was organized and peaceful (the way it should be).
It also seems once the sun went down is when things started to get out of hand.

The only comment I will make not having enough facts is this. From all I read people are trying to make this about the color of peoples skin and not about correcting the problems that exist.

From what I read the officers involved initially (in Minneapolis) were all either suspended or fired. An investigation was done and at least one of the officers has been arrested and either has been or will be charged with some degree of murder.

While I agree it should never have happened in the first place but, is our justice system not working as intended at this point?

Let the facts come out in a trial and let a jury decide. In other words lets give the system a chance to work as it seems to be doing what it was designed to do and I might add just what the protesters are protesting about.



Thank you for your information, sir.