Militia “Rise of the Moors” Cause Nine-Hour MA Standoff

I’m betting none of those involved are members of USCCA.


A state trooper spotted the group at the side of the Interstate-95 between Wakefield and Reading around 1.30am Saturday.

So far, that’s all I’ve seen for what began the encounter.

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Yikes! I frequently look to the Daily Mail for news that isn’t necessarily reported by US MSM, but what a terribly written article that was.

I’m going to have to look this one up elsewhere to get a better picture of the story.

Gotta love some of the comments though. The commenters themselves can be as nutty as the “militia group”:

Gun hoarders are dangerous - all of them - no matter their color or creed.

The guy bragged about having three guns. If that’s gun hoarding… Uh oh!

I’m in no doubt the gun rights supporters will wholly support this groups 2nd Amendment right to own and carry weapons, regardless of their appearance. Or is this group for some strange reason falling outside of their support criteria??

Supporting the 2nd Amendment, how radical and dangerous.


Or NRA, GOP,MAGA, Methodists, Baptists…

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These people are no different than any other militia members. They just happened to get stopped by the constabulary on their way to whatever it was they were off to do.


my main issue is how they didn’t have gas to tip toe through Mass. from RI…I mean RI is freaking tiny, and Mass. has among the worst practices regarding traveling with firearms of any state, and they were barely into Mass when they stopped to transfer fuel…MAINTAIN FORWARD PROGRESS or go to jail. I know when I leave CT, I do not stop in MA or NY. Tank is full, signals work etc…


Think this group is a little bit different. They claim all US laws do not apply to them. Though when they were noticed on the side of the road in their full load out gear they apparently claimed that they were protected from MA firearm laws by US interstate transportation of firearms regulations. Guess they want it both ways?

This group, or a very similar and perhaps affiliated group, were in the news recently for taking over an unoccupied house, claiming US laws don’t apply to them.

Does the right to keep and bear arms apply to individuals who seem to renounce their citizenship and/or residency status while refusing to accept the authority of the United States government? Does exercising their 2A rights while hypocritically claiming all the other laws don’t apply to them make them terrorists? Do they have dangerous intentions? Are they nobly standing up for a just cause? Playing the system for personal gain? Or are they just farcically bumbling through their own deluded visions of a just revolution? Some tricky questions with a lot of 2A rights implications I think.


That’s pretty much the hallmark of most militias.
I guessing the biggest difference from other militia’s is that they don’t have any feds embedded yet.


Do most of the self labeled militia groups in the US state that US laws don’t apply to them? Or do they just deny the ones they don’t like? I’m not really up to speed on the whole militia scene.

I thought most militia groups at least pass themselves off as intending to defend the US Constitution? This group seems to imply the Constitution does not apply to them except when it happens be of benefit in the moment.


I’m no expert on militias but it seems most have a beef against the government.


@Shamrock, you make some good points. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out.

@Matthew156 makes excellent points as well. Many militias like to play both sides of the coin when it comes to them doing their little dance in front of the spotlight.

Bottom line for most militias: They are multi-level marketing schemes with guns.

Have a wonderful Fourth!

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I think the normal militia beef against the government is when the government violates the Constitution…so guessing things are getting “beefier” by the day :laughing:


I’m not familiar with this militia but the one’s I know of around here seem pretty benign. They train in the mountains, they walk around in camo with AR’s slung over their shoulders. I was in a small Utah town a while back when a duce and a half pulled up, 6-8 guys jumped out with all of “the gear”. As they walked into the café most people greeted them by name, shook hands and went on their merry ways. It wasn’t the National Guard.


The men, who were dressed in tactical-style gear and armed with both pistols and rifles, refused to comply with orders to drop their weapons and ran into woodland by the side of the road.

This means they were not abiding by the federal law on “safe passage”, which, btw, is only a positive defense. That means in anti-rights states, you could very well be arrested, even with arms properly and safely unloaded, stored and locked in your vehicle. Then when brought to trial it is what will get the charges dismissed. However, an anti-rights prosecutor only wants to punish you, and an arrest, having to pay many thousands or more and countless months, likely some in prison, and if out of state, travel back to their state for trial, is the punishment the prosecutor is seeking, if he can’t get you to plead to lesser charges or a conviction.


Why would they be? They clearly stated, they don’t recognize US Legal System. If USCCA would discover a member like this, it would be wise to revoke their membership.

Ahem… I would bet a cup of coffee, this group of fine militia-like folks, even though they reject US Law, do have a legal system they abide by. I would further venture a guess, this legal system is called Sharia.

Those of you who saw action on the battlefield, what would you call a group of armed Taliban, if you encountered them on a highway in New England? The guy’s name is Talib. Would you refuse to believe your eyes, and keep thinking this is same kind of militia as the Founding Fathers envisioned?

And why the heck did they do it on the eve of the Independence Day? I mean, were they trying to pull a number on US public, was it a date of any significance for them? These folks are signaling real hard.


Yeah, but insurance is insurance
Although, I can’t imagine very many actions the moors would be taking that would be covered by USCCA

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Hah hah!

No stones for those leaps in logic. Hope your feet stay dry!


The left-leaning SPLC surprisingly classifies this cuckoo group as extremists

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