Meeting my House Representative

I’m not sure if I’m writing to have y’all talk me down from a stupid idea or to have you egg me on with a stupid idea. My US House Representative is having a coffee house meet-up this Sunday. My rep is a Democrat and not really pro-gun. The first thought I had was to go to the coffee hour, express that I disagree with a lot of positions, but we can still talk and meet like civilized people. My stupid idea was to carry my firearm when I go. I’m pretty sure no good will come of that but it is awfully tempting. Thoughts?

For what it’s worth, I live in the 7th House district in Georgia and the coffee hour is in Norcross. If any of you decide to attend, please be civil and polite.


Initial thoughts:

  1. The way things have been the past few months, I wouldn’t carry if I’m purposely meeting with an elected official. There are just too many ways for things to go sideways should someone notice that I’m carrying. If you’re not comfortable going without your firearm, then don’t go. That said…

  2. If you do carry, be sure you’re not printing. Make sure you don’t accidentally expose your firearm, and don’t say you’re carrying. Even if you’re making a valid point about legally carrying, the headline will say that a nut tried to assassinate a congressional representative.


My thoughts exactly. Any point I could make by carrying is simply not worth the potential consequences. If we can’t make have a conversation and make our points without theatrics then our points are incredibly weak to begin.


Dress appropriately!


I would state that you should go. Question on carrying is multi-part. If the politician is rabidly anti-rights, the rep might refuse to meet with you, if it is known you are carrying or might be carrying, regardless of method. The VCDL has had that issue in the past when meeting with rabid anti-rights reps.

Carrying OC, if the venue and rep is amenable, and you are dressed appropriately, and not carrying a scary rifle, but just a handgun in a good retention holster on a non-tactical belt, might be fine. You might get some looks, but as long as it is legal, there should be no issue. It is one way to show that normal people can and do carry. Also, if you have a female and/or minority friend(s) with you that is also carrying similarly, that will make an even stronger statement. It is easy to be negatively labeled when you are only one, but not so easy when you are with others.

Carrying CC, no one should notice, one should know, and as long as it is legal, so it really should not be an issue.

Virginia Lobby Day 2020:


I would first find out is where the meeting being held is a GUN FREE ZONE. And if it either don’t take the gun or leave it locked up in your car out of sight. If it is not and you always carry when you go out then do as you always do and carry as you always carry. and just go about your business as you always do. I do it all of the time. And only a few times has anyone asked me to leave. Most of the time I’m asked about my gun or where can they get information on where to shot or about classes. And we talk.


Since you’re asking, I sense some doubt. Your spidey senses are tingling, warning you to err on the side of caution. Gut feelings are a natural safety instinct to survive. Personally, I’d leave my “arm” at home or “locked” in the car, a small sacrifice, what’s worst that can happen that 1-2 hours you’re in “there”. Admire you for considering going to it and encouraging acting civilized. Respect you.


For what it’s worth, I will definitely NOT carry if I attend the coffee house visit with my house rep. I realized pretty quick no good would come of it and I’ll likely have a better conversation without carrying.