May 2022 shooting competition

Distance + time = speed
50 feet + X= speed so, x= 10 shots but how fast?
With ten shots of rapid fire at 50 feet, how fast can you make ten shots?

Did I mention the target? SORRY!
NRA rapid fire pistol target


If printing your own targets, my dope on this file says 42% (or entire printable area of letter paper) should approximate the 8-1/4" 6-ring of a B-3 bullseye.

This isn’t really my style of shooting and I’m behind on my routine schedule — but I’ll see if I can burn a few bucks on this before the month runs out. :boom: :boom: :boom:


Can I use a shotgun with bird shot.:clown_face:

Only ten pellets.
From concealment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Fired one at a time.

40 yards 00 buck, see how many hits you get!

I thought the course description was a little vague, so I customized to suit myself. I shot at 15yd instead of 50ft. I could not imagine racing 10 straight shots at a 15yd assailant without a pause to assess, or change point of aim, or move, or lie down and die. So I broke the exercise into two five-shot strings. I shot two-handed and timed from concealment. I ran it twice:

  • EDC = M&P9c 3.6" iron sights
  • bedroom gun = M&P9 4.25" Holosun 507.

How’d it go? You had to ask. :crazy_face:
Best I can think to frame it is 19/20 hit the paper. Minute of Bad Guy — I was not impressed.

First target is slow fire sighting shots to see if I needed to hold off to center the bullseye. Answer = yes. Outcome = meh. Second target is compact over irons for time. Third is full size with dot for time.
With each gun, I fired one 5-shot string as fast as I thought I might hit, and one string at a calmer pace. Each time includes a draw from concealment. I didn’t like my times much, and liked my targets less. Attempts to hold off were not effective at bringing POI to the bullseye.

I was somewhat warmed up for this, and had previously shot my routine benchmark to my satisfaction. This was kind of disappointing. I followed with some runs at a fifteen yard 8" steel. Still hitting a bit low, but I felt better.
From conceal:

  • draw and shoot one; reload; shoot two — 3 hits 9.81sec
  • draw and shoot two; reload; shoot one — 3 hits 8.96sec
  • draw and shoot one — 1 hit 2.69sec
  • draw and shoot two — 2 hits 3.62sec
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I will be shooting with my 1911 - .45 acp so, I will be shooting for similar times. PUN attended. It is just a goal but between a goal and reality we will have to see. :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:
Thank you for giving it a go! I am looking forward to seeing others try this one too!

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I would like a bit of clarification on the setup… You have initial setup being distance + rounds = speed. I’m confused and it doesn’t make sense on a scoring aspect. If you could clarify the scoring requirements that would be great.

X = 20
10 = 10 and so forth

perfect score would be 200 / 4 seconds
Closest one to that !