Massad Ayoob Legacy


Has anyone read the article Massad Ayoob Legacy in the January 2019 Concealed Carry Magazine?

“Uncle Mas” literally wrote the book upon which use-of-force policies at thousands of law enforcement agencies are based. (from the article, p66)

I’ve had the pleasure of taking a class from him and reading Deadly Force during my time at the USCCA. (My job has some awesome perks!)

What have you learned from Uncle Mas?


I have a book by a student of his, Andrew F. Branca.


Law of Self Defense? Another great book to have in your self-defense library, @luke_ouellette!


Yes. That’s the book. I’m working my way through it little by little and it sure is an eye-opener to the legal side.


From one of his videos on YouTube, I learned more about interaction with an officer during traffic stops.

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I’ll have to look him up on there and see what kind of videos he has. Sounds like an interesting guy.
Law of Self Defense is my first entry into the world of law.


Law of a Self Defense is a great book. Massad’s books are a little easier to read - a lot less legalese!


I always did like the technical books considering I’m a history buff.

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