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I’ve been reading a couple of books on situational awareness and mindset. Wondering what other book people have been reading?

The last three I’ve read where:
Jeff Cooper principals of personal defense
Left of Bang
On Killing

I’m currently reading On Combat and am gonna need ideas for whats next.


Warrior Mindset by Michael Asken

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Good Call. Anything with Lt. COL Grossman I’ll read. I watched that lecture on youtube. Alot of amazing information

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Um… I actually HATE reading but have reading books on the gut biome lately. Not sure that is going to help me in a bad situation except that maybe I will make a better decision or be more aware. Maybe y’all helpful people can suggest some books? I have a ton of audible credits too!


I would at a minimum read Jeff Coopers book i referenced in my original post. Its a very short book only took about 30 mins to read but a wealth of information.

The Left of Bang book is a great book to help you grow your situational awareness and decision making. I personally highly recommend both for anyone at any experience level


Jeff Cooper’s book is a fortune on Amazon. I’ll have to check Barnes and Noble, Yikes! Got the other one in my cart. Thanks!


Dang. I had no idea it was that expensive i got it as a hand me down.

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Hope this link works


I shall look into all these books that have been mentioned. I still need to finish reading the Law of Self-Defense too. It’s interesting but it’s slow going. And then I get distracted by other books.


Ill look at my book shelf… but US military cqb and survival and sear books are a must…


I found this and got it. I am not a fan of the kindle but will read it and see what it says. Amazon has the book for around 40 but if I am going to spend that much I may as well splurge and spend 400 on the leather bound version. LOL…Joking! That is gun money!


A great book for the legal mindset of self-defense is Massad Ayoob’s Deadly Force. I know he has some YouTube videos that might be helpful as well.

We also have a new book called Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (there are two books in this series):


I’ve just started reading this one


Understanding crime is one thing. Understanding gun control is a stretch… Good book though.

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That book looks may have the principles of self defense in it. Or at least an abbreviated version of it.

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