What are you reading/listening to/watching for training today?


I’m thinking it might be good to have a “what are you learning today” thread to share what we’re actively using for learning. If you’ve got a book you’re reading or listening to, DVD or show you’re watching, blog you’re reading, or audio or podcast you’re listening to right now for training purposes, please share!

Here’s what I just finished:

it’s an awesome reference (although about 10 yrs old) for women and those training women. I just finished it on audiobook and it’s well read and presented.

Here’s what I just started:

also on audio book.

What are you listening to / watching / reading for training?

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I was watching a video about the “3 pillars” from a guy (can’t remember his name). He was showing a video of an officer that was killed in a gun fight against a man in a truck. Sad, but informative. Target (range) accuracy vs. combat accuracy. The officer was in the 97th percentile in his training and firing during the incident, he only hit 1 out of 20 rounds, and it didn’t stop the perp that ended up killing the officer, who, because of adrenaline was not able to engage another magazine to continue firing.


Those are really important factors in training.

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started listening to this tonight Concealed Carry Bible: A Complete Self Defense Guide A to Z by Josh Manning

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Started this today… really liking it!
How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL: Combat Marksmanship Fundamentals

Awesome on audiobook.

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Really need to start looking into audio books so I can listen to them while I’m driving down the road between delivery points.

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Audible.com, 3 credits a month for about $33. Plus sometimes sales. Extra credits available if you want them. Shoot like a navy seal I bought at the regular price because it’s less than the per-credit price

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BTW, if you can find an audiobook on audible, its probably going to be about half the price of elsewhere.


@Zee thanks for the information and I will definitely be looking into it.

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Watched the kids and guns dvd from USCCA. More for the women audience, but a lot of good information.


@Jeremy1 that’s on my shopping list, glad to hear it’s useful :slight_smile:


@Zee If you haven’t already, I also recommend getting the Women’s Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals book. Lots of great information in it too.

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@Jeremy1 it’s waiting for me at home… I’ll get it this weekend!

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Excellent! Enjoy it! Beth Alcazar did an awesome job both with the book, and the Kids and Guns dvd.

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I’m listening to the Student of the Gun podcast. I listen to it everyday when I drive. There is also Talking Lead podcast. Student of the Gun (S.O.T.G.) podcast is by Paul Markel, he also has several books which I recommend reading also. Patriot Fire team manual is a must read by Paul. I have learned alot from listening to it. There are over 800 episodes of Student of the Gun. Its available on iHeart radio(Free). There is also STOG T.V. STOG Facebook and STOG Website that you can join. Plus they sell some useful items on their website, like the PLS( pocket life saver) very cool. They also do some collaboration with the guys from Ready Man, Plan2survive and Black Rifle Coffee.
I highly recommend checking these people out if you are interested in guns, liberty, survival, training or you just want some good entertainment .


I love new adventures. Here is a great book and to top it off try the E-learning, the Guides and
Videos, and any training that that USCCA has to offer. Any of these books and training materials are
not restricted just to women, they are for men as well. Give your wife, girls friends, women of your neighborhood, and etc. a copy and read the material of our members section on any training of
your choice. The Proving Grounds Videos, Situation Awareness, choosing you first hand gun, Home Defense, Gun and Safety, Your State Laws on Concealment and Carrying in your State. What happens before, During, and After a Shooting. and all the Fundamentals of our having and owing firearms and how to protect our home and families. On and On we go none stop, but there are not any easy ways or shortcuts, Training we must do.


Here is more wonderful Golden Articles that we all at USCCA, can get very important
help from. I am only using this as a guide to share light. I believe that the staff at USCCA
have worked hard to help us in the right direction. I live in FLORIDA and this state has more
than Disney. FDOC-Florida Department of Corrections is a place that you do not wish
to do business with, unless you are seeking employment. Please learn all you can,
how to master your skills in the arts of: Concealing and Carrying of Firearms, the Fundamentals,
and all other material that you can learn to be responsible.


I am Elite member, so I am almost finished with the Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, which BTW is awrsome!!! Michael Martin is very knowledgeable!!! I also recently got the book too!


Elite members get 2 free elearning courses, the other is first aid.

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Constant learning is essential!