Massachusetts man with crossbow accidentally kills neighbor being attacked by


In another thread I mentioned Pit Bulls and that they don’t deserve their reputation. This is another case of a bad owner not training the Pit properly.

I am very sad that the owner was killed. Pitbulls properly socialized, and trained appropriately. Do not do this.

Dogs are social animals, you set a pack order with the humans as the Alpha’s.


Pack it in! the myth of the alpha dog


Pitbulls are the only dogs I get. They are loyal and only want to please their owners.


I can’t read the link. Every dog I have ever had once we get to that part of their training. I will get them into a down position , roll them over, and place cats on their bellies. So they know not to bother the cats and I will spend some time rubbing their bellies.

It may be a myth since that’s what I am assuming is in that story. I’ve had hundreds of dogs come through my home in 30+ years. Never had a dog fight or dogs attacking someone or the cats.

When I come home after being gone or I come out of bedroom I always pet my dogs in the exact same order, I feed them in the same order.

That’s my experience, and it’s worked for me. I’ve had so many breeds that I couldn’t even begin to name them all
I’ve had pit fighting Pits, abused Belgium Maloise, bait dogs. Whenever my local shelter has an intractable dog, I have taken them on. The Rottweiler that I trained as a K-9, that protects my daughter even now. Was horribly abused and vicious, they were going to put her down. Instead I took her she has been with me for 7 years.

Maybe I am lucky. But it’s been a 30+ year long lucky streak. Plus I like dogs more than most people. Present forum goers excepted. I truly enjoy all of you.

Secret :chipmunk: edit: I should probably say I have a large home, and that one floor of it is used for training. I always start with Kennel, and socializing the dog. I spend an enormous amount of time in just getting to know them. Then we start working on being handled, basic obedience, if it’s going well enough, will even start on eating issues. Once a few days have gone by. I will open the door but keep gate in place so puppers can come down and meet the new dog. If all goes well, I will move the crate upstairs to my bedroom and let one dog in. If that goes well I will put a leash on and let him out with that one dog. Rinse and repeat until they met all of the dogs.

Then we move onto the cats. Pretty much the same thing.

Once they integrate into the house we start training. Any dog that I have at a bare minimum is a certified Canine Good Citizen.



Probably should clarify. I didn’t post this because of the pit bulls. I posted because the neighbor hastily shot through the door and accidentally killed his neighbor on the other side.



Sorry I shall climb off my soapbox.


I understand the reason why this was posted. And the fact that someone died from the action taken. and yes it is bad. But I’m also tired of Pit Bulls and I agree with @Zavier_D it is the owner that is the problem Pit Bulls and their bad behavior. I use to volunteer with the AZ Humane Society. And they always had Pit Bulls up for adoption. And I walked them. and they always wanted to get in my lap and get patted. and they were the nicest dogs. And it is the owners that make them bad and mean. When in reality they’re the most loving dogs around. And most people don’t know that Pit Bulls have a nickname of NANNY DOG. And it is because they are VERY PROTECTIVE OF THEIR OWNERS. and I’ve also seen a bunch of pictures of Pit Bulls with kids sleeping on or with the dogs.

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The pit bulls had a history of fighting and aggression…Jadusingh’s young daughter was in the apartment at the time. She was not injured.

This could have turned a lot worse. The only one to blame is the owner. He had his warning signs, had his chance to act.