Washington State: What could be wrong about this self-defense claim?


We’ve talked about defending yourself against an animal attack and defending your animals in a few different topics. What do you think about this guy’s situation?



If you had enough of a chance to retrieve a rifle, the animal was not coming for you. Dogs, big kitties, bears, and other furry friends move with speed and intensity when they are trying to take somebody down. There’s no shoving and saying “what’s up bro?” with animals.


Exactly… so he LEFT his dog and kids there in range of the pitty when he went to get his rifle? That doesn’t sound much like self defense.

The state didn’t look at other ways the shooting of an animal could have been lawful, like hunting, the defense said.

And now we’ve just entered the range of stupid. Pretty sure there’s no open season on pit bulls in the state conservation laws.


Yeah, you can shoot feral dogs, but that’s a bit different.

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In that case, I’d say the pitty would actually have to bite in order to prove intent. Sad. Maybe the dog’s owner could get some jail time for letting his dog be a free range menace.

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