MASS LTC wants Utah nonresident CCW

Good evening
Does anyone have a recommendation on a Firearm lawyer to help me expunge 1989 case? I have my Massachusetts LTC…but it is always a hassle to explain something that happened in 1989…over and over again. Just renewed LTC and I had to PROVE…that it was a kid thing. I have had 1 speeding ticket since …1989

Would like to get it expunged.

  1. get it expunged
  2. assist in securing Utah CCW


@Cornelius2, I would suggest finding a Second Amendment friendly attorney in the state where you would like to have your record expunged. If you’re a USCCA Member, you can check out the USCCA Attorney Network. If not (even if you are) the website gives reviews of different attorneys and may be a good resource for you.

Hope that helps! Good luck!!

BTW, it looked like you posted the same topic twice so I removed the duplicate. ~Dawn

Thank you!

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