I can own a gun but can't buy one

I went through a nasty divorce years ago in which my ex wife called the cops and I was arrested on gun charges.
I took it all the way to trial and was acquitted of all charges.
I have recertified conceal carry every two years since then but can’t pass the background check.
I suspect it is because a TRO was placed against me at that time.
How do I fix that?
Thanks in advance.


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You will need to find an attorney who can assist you. Without knowing in which state you live, we can’t know where to direct you. Can you share that with us?


Not a lawyer but, having been acquitted of all charges and having a clean record since then, a good lawyer should be able to guide you on how to have your record expunged, Good luck.


I probably should have mentioned I’m in New Mexico.

@Douglas187 - this link should take you directly to the New Mexico list of attorneys in the USCCA Attorney Network.

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Thank you for the help.

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