Falsely accused of exhibiting a weapon

I was accused of pulling my handgun on my ex wife. I didn’t have a weapon and certainly did not do what she said. She assumed that I did and wanted me thrown in prison. I have spent the last four months in jail waiting for a court appointed attorney. Now he is not trying really hard to even talk to me. I’m scared they will convict me for a crime I didn’t do. I have a license to carry in Texas. This is happening in Missouri. I appreciate any help with this.

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@Adam27 This is a very strange request. Are you a member? Or is this a Halloween Prank? If you’re a member call in to USCCA and get the information you need to go forward Adam @Adam27

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I signed up for the free membership just before this incident. I wish I would have paid for the full membership now. This is 100 percent real. I couldn’t believe they arrested me at first. But after a couple of months in jail I knew that it was real

@Adam27. I understand you sir; I feel bad for you but there is no advice to give you, sorry for your predicament. I would keep demanding your constitutional rights for an attorney. A court appointed attorney is better than no attorney or even worse representing yourself. Ex anything can be sticky, ex-Wife, step-children, etc. Good luck to you. It would have been a game changer if you’re a member but maybe talk to your exwife and ask her to drop charges. If you need to beg I would.

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Thank you for your help. I usually hold faith in our constitution but this is unbelievable. I also am trying to find out if there is an option for veterans out there. Have a good evening.



I’m so sorry you’re going through this…

However, the only thing I can recommend is finding a good attorney,

The USCCA could only help if,
(1) You were a member.
(2) It was a self-defense incident.

But sir, don’t give up! You say that you are innocent and, I believe you!
What Parish are you with…excuse me County and maybe I can help find you a good lawyer(If you don’t mind sharing).


Greene County Missouri.

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If you don’t have the money for an attorney, please go to the Bar Association in your area and they are required to get you one.

If this is your first offense…you probably don’t have to worry about any more time (This is NOT legal advise).

But, I would want my innocence proven…

Do you think you could spot the money for a good lawyer??? (I hate asking people that, because I might be going to school for a law but, I sure can’t afford one).

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I have no way to pay. You are right about my main concern. I will never be able own a gun again if I am convicted of this. I will be a felon and that I don’t want. I am not a criminal and I have to stand up for what’s right. It’s just my word against their word.