How to find judge to expunge obstruction to acquiring firearms

Hi, everyone, my name is John and I’m new to ccw. Rather, I will be after I get past what should be a minor legal hurdle. So in the midst of an embarrassing situation I thought it probably best to introduce myself this way, as I need a bit of guidance anyway.

I didn’t realize the extent of my state’s 2A restrictions: we are traditionally a “red” state; and I admit it was naive of me to assume I would never have to face restrictions to my acquiring another firearm. I say “another” because I’m 55 years old and, for the life of me, I don’t remember a time in my life when there were NOT firearms in the house. I just haven’t owned handguns. So it never occurred to me to even check…well maybe you can see where this is going. Long story short, I need help in finding conservative/2nd Amendment counsel in my area…counsel who knows a US Constitution believing judge to expunge an issue from my personal history.

I am seriously trying not to over complicate this…I will give details of my issue to anyone who asks personally. I have committed no crime, and I haven’t been accused of one. Remember I used the word “embarrassing?” Well the pickle I’m in now will probably be easier to fix than I realize, but I am getting pretty anxious to get through this ASAP, considering the state of affairs in our country.

I would appreciate any help anyone can provide. Please keep in mind if you do choose to comment that I am already fully cognizant of my own role in my problems. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

@John484 Welcome to the community, we are glad to have you here. Now if we just knew where you lived maybe we could make a recommendation. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :+1:

I live in Iowa.

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Go to your Dashboard and click on In Case Of An Emergency, Then click on USCCA Attorney Network and then Show Attorneys and the your state. :+1:t2:

Welcome to the community Sir

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If you’re not a USCCA Member you won’t be able to see the Attorney list. You can check out sites like which are like Yelp for attorneys.

Hope that helps!

Hi john and welcome. Your best bet, as I always find, is to do some digging online for counsel who specialize in your area. While any of us “might know someone” as my brother and sister who say (both lawyers) it pays to find someone familiar with your local jurisdiction. There might be a good lawyer in the next city or county over who might help or you could find a lawyer who personally knows which judge to have the case reviewed by who might trust the local guy and sign off without court. The legal process still astounds me but rest assured, there is some value to who you know over what you know in many cases.

Thank you! I followed those links from my dashboard and now am in contact with a local attorney. This looks very promising. I will keep you posted. I didn’t know USCCA resources would be more comprehensive than simple legal advice during an appropriate crisis. Thank you all for a bit of hope in uncertain times.

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Thank you for responding, Erik. I tried (pleaded, I suppose) the USCCA route first because my local County government (read: sheriff) has been vocal in his past opposition to certain Constitutional rights. That and the only attorneys I have ever hired share his party affiliation. Call me paranoid lol but I figured this was my appropriate first step. To their credit, all the aforementioned people are genuinely good, decent people, and I do trust them in their primary roles. This, however, is an unfortunately over-politicized issue and I do fear it may be an easy “NO” for any of them. (After all, this is an election year lol) Fortunately I am now in contact with an attorney in the next County I was able to contact with USCCA’s assistance. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. Thanks again for your response.

It sounds like you’re in the same boat I am, up a creek without a paddle. All I can say it keep trying to do the right thing and follow the law as best you can. All you can do is try.

If you choose to ignore the laws in an effort to do what you need to in order to stay alive…my best wishes and I do hope you the best. In a public forum, we can only offer “legal” advice. It’s up to you to make choices based on what YOU feel is necessary to stay alive. I will never fault you for the methods you take to remain alive. I hope you get my meaning here.