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Hi everyone, I’m new here I’ve been very passionate about my second amendment rights for a long time how ever I made a life changing mistake in my past that has been haunting me,long story short I caught a bad rap and before then I’ve never got into any trouble, I couldn’t afford a lawyer at the time and the public defender told me to plead guilty and my charge would drop to a misdemeanor, so I did and he lied I caught a felony charge back in 2004,I was placed on 3 years supervised probation and completed it successfully, I currently work for the State of Louisiana Dept of transportation as a Highway Foreman and my wife and I have to daughters we are raising and we’re very active in our Church, but money is tight I’ve been praying that I can find someone to help me get my record expunged and get my gun rights restored, it’s been 13 years and I can legally possess a gun in Louisiana any advise or help would be very appreciated, thanks

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I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. But I think in Louisiana you get your rights back after 10 years. Then you apply to the different municipalities involved, pay a fee and get your rights restored and your record expunged.

Maybe use the find an attorney app on the USCCA page and ask them for advice.


I’ve been doing as much research as I can thank you very much I really appreciate it

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YEA! Another Louisianian!

What parts you from or live @ anyway?

I’m in Shreveport!

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This is not legal advise:

I’m sorry for what you’re having to deal with! May I ask what type of felony?

Now, I’m nearing law-school to practice law in Louisiana with this said, I’m familiar with portions of law and you might be in luck today.

FIRST: Always hire an experienced attorney here in Louisiana…
Second: Go to your Parish Court Website and see if they have an expungement doc printable. Here in Caddo they have a form you can print yourself.[Needs to be on legal paper && if not call clerk of court office]
Third: Go to Local Law Library and do some extensive studying.
Fourth: File the expungement form with all court fees with the District Attorney’s office.
Note: All expungements are not approved and again, you should have a licensed attorney help you out & make sure those get rightfully filed with the courts .

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@Zavier_D is right but that depends on the type of charges you have.

Hammond, La

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Intent to distribute, I had 3 Xanax pills and they charged me with that,I’ve never been in trouble before then

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Hold up!
Was it three left in your prescription bottle and you just had them filled [Other words: Three left way before time because that would equal that charge] or just three random Xanax tablets?

But either way can relate…

As a juvenile, I got mixed up in very similar stuff but again was a kid.

----> IF it’s just that, I have a friend that got caught with .2 (not even a half gram) of marijuana and unfortunately he had a scale, therefore. intent…

GOOD news is five years && lots of money later he was able to get his rights back. FOR THE RECORD, that guy is very, very successful [more so than myself] and it’s like it never happend. He carries everywhere!

BUT! Let’s ask an attorney [Practices in Kentucky but sure he knows what you’re looking at] @MikeBKY, can you point our friend in the right direction kind, sir!

I did a little research on LA expungement law and bumped into a possible snag. In the following link from the LA State Bar Association, it lists several things that and expungement will not do. One of those is restore firearms rights.
The effect of an expungement in LA is a lot different than in KY.
But, I am also reading that 10 years after you complete your sentence, including any probationary period, and have your record expunged, you can legally possess a firearm under both LA and US law.
I would suggest you speak with an attorney licensed in Louisiana to discuss this in more detail. Here is a place to start.


This is exactly why I call on my brother @MikeBKY!!!

I have another question for you @MikeBKY
If you saw that snag in the law, would my friend have been breaking the law?

The issue is now, I can’t recall exactly what he did…He may have done a diversion program and it was like never there…

I only obtained what info he passed to me.

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This idea may be far-fetched…
But @Lance5, why don’t you along with two-three witnesses’ [That can speak for your character]who can account for life change shoot for a governor exanaration.

Believe it or not, Edwards has done MANY of them…
More than the average governor which is normally like one MAYBE in office. He’s done like 30+ if not mistaken.

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@Randall318 I really have no way of telling. If he was convicted of a felony and has not had that expunged or pardoned, then he probably cannot possess a firearm. If he purchased one from an FFA and went through NICS, I would assume he is OK. And a lot of this depends on whether he was convicted, diverted or the plea was set aside. If the conviction is diverted or set aside, there is usually not a problem once the dismissal takes place.

I have no idea what the process for an expungement or a pardon is in LA but I know that an expungement is much easier to get in Kentucky than a pardon, unless it is a crime that cannot be expunged and a pardon is the only possibility.

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A pardon is more like a gamble…
But would hate for him to hire a lawyer and not get his right back.

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I hate when people make a stupid mistake in life and learn from it but are punished long after serving their sentence. Good luck!

I am also in Louisiana, West Monroe area.


I’ve done a lot of research and after 10 years of completion of probation in Louisiana for a first time felon I can legally possess a firearm per Louisiana law but I can’t purchase a firearm,when I completed my probation 13 years ago my probation officer told me I was eligible to get my gun rights restored after 10 years,I got my civil rights restored about 5 years ago


You need to go through the expungement process and that should resolve the issue with federal law.

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@MikeBKY thank you very much for the information


We still on after this virus passes, right bro?!!

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