Martial Law before November? What do you think?

I do not expect Pres Trump to declare martial law before the election, at least I would be somewhat surprised if he did. My wife is, however, convinced. She asked me what that means to us as citizens.
So, two questions for people here:

  1. How would declaration of martial law in the USA affect those of us who carry? Would it at all?
  2. Do you think this is likely? Give me a percent probability of what you think. I think it is about 50% likely for example - maybe, maybe not, dunno.

Naturally I’m more interested in the answers to (1) than (2) here, but people would volunteer answers to (2) whether I asked or not, so let’s just make it a legitimate OP question :smile:

Ya all take care & stay safe.


It’ll never happen.


@Smiddy I agree with @Brad. I don’t think it will ever happen. That’s not to say that they won’t place some kind of restrictions in the local municipalities. The local elected officials are responsible, in my opinion. They should be held responsible by their constituents. What do you think?


It’s not gonna happen.

I’ve got a chance (unfortunately) to live with Martial Law for almost 2 years. Looking at the differences how did it happened in Poland and whatever happened here - there is still no reason for Martial Law in :us:


I thought Obama would do it… so long answer short… trump is way better so he absolutely will not.


Pres. Trump has shown tremendous restraint so far in spite of anarchy in Portland and Seattle.

He won’t declare martial law.


You know, my wife and I’s main argument is about how the election will be conducted, and if not in person polls, how long it will be contested regardless of the winner. And I pray Trump wins. It would just be another BS liberal pursuit for Pelosi to use in an attempt to get him out of office. That seems to be her job description “get Trump out of office”.

In any case, I pray we never have to deal with martial law declared by any President…pretty sure I would not approve…


Seems like everyone is responding to the secondary question so far.
Does anyone know the answer to the primary question #1?


@Smiddy, you know your right. This election is going to be a circus. If President Trump wins, we are going to have a major battle in the politics arena, the democrats are not going to swallow that. I wonder ever day, just when am I going to wake up from this terrible nightmare. God Bless us all. Be safe.


@Ferdinand1 Yes President Trump is having the local elected officials be responsible and clean up there own mess. A mess that wouldn’t be here if it were not it being an election year, in my opinion. You think so?




Here is a legal briefs on martial law:

Our current President will not declare “Martial Law”.

I’m more concerned when liberal governors pass unconstitutional laws and then try forcing confiscation by enacting some form of “Martial Law”".




I seriously doubt Trump would declare martial law. If he did, I suspect that he would direct the military to respect our 2nd Ammendment rights.

Another President, however, I suspect would not. I suspect for almost anyone else, any emergency that leads to martial law would lead to immediate mandatory confiscation unless the emergency was an actual invasion. I suspect a nuclear exchange would lead to confiscation.


I think the Democrates know Trump will win and are already posturing by twisting and spinning this thing. They’ll take it to court and try another impeachment scam. If the Biden group gets in I sincerely fear for our country. It will never recover. The press and the courts are mostly complicit.


Gods forbid they try to actually accomplish something with our tax dollars.


Agree 100 percent with @Brad and do not believe it will happen.


OK! Mr. radical here?
I wish he would, in the communist states where actual treason has occurred. You can “google” treason, it’s still there. And it’s been committed. (I’ll paraphrase: the crime of betraying one’s country by attempting to kill the sovereign by acts considered dangerous to security or overthrow the government). Nicolas Maduro, has nothing on Nancy Pelosi et al.

At some point you need to empty the trash or it begins to rot, then the maggots infest and before you know it, you gotta throw the trash can out with the trash.
However I do think that President Trump has shown the greatest of restraint. If that’s not a leader I don’t know what is. He has allowed the states to demolish themselves, he gave them all the (socialism) I mean rope they needed and shown the world how damaging blue states can be.
No, I don’t think it would affect “licensed” carry, on the other hand it could suspend ALL existing laws. Trump is pro 2A.
80% I don’t think he will, but if push comes to shove (or in this case governors, by proxy, burning down their own cities). 20% of me says it should have been done 60 days ago!
Just my radical opinion!


I’m glad I live on high ground. :slight_smile: