Marine Corps rifle certification is being re-vamped

I was shocked when I first heard this. When I dug deeper and read more I came to understand more. The Marine Corps is having a two table qualifying stages. The first one is the standard shooting from 100 to 500 mark in different positions. They will no longer be stationed in the fire pits marking the targets. That will be done electronically.
The second table is at variable distances in full gear using different platforms to shoot from. Even using moving targets to confront. The part that scared me was they stated that the range time would be reduced. The idea on that is to be able to bring the Marines to the range twice a year rather than annually. Having skills that can perish if not used frequently this would be a very good practice.
Same thing about self-defense training and gun training, if you do not practice you will eventually reduce your skill set rather than improve upon it.


The old saying is true, “Every Marine is first and foremost a rifleman”!


When I was in we didn’t do 100 yards. We fired at 200 yds, 300 and 500.
But then I’m so old corps my 782 gear was 781.