Re-Qualify Level lll for 2022

Thought I would re - qualify myself with the Level 3 range testing.

5 shots at 3yrds. - 1.87 & 1.96 seconds.
5 shots at 5yrds. - 2.86 & 2.92 seconds.
5 shots at 7yrds. - 3.47 & 3.70 seconds.

Numbers 1- 2 -3 -4 -5 -6 3" circle
3yrds. - all 6 shots good
5yrds. - all 6 shots good

I did practice for a few days in a row before.
Sirt dry firing at home does help also. Working hard with trigger resets.




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Thank you George16, Me being retired I do alot of dry fire practice at home, inside and outside with a sirt laser pistol/green laser.
Inside I also use laser bullets for my EDC’s, red lasers. The batteries for those laser bullets are getting very expensive also.
Range time when we can make it, I do specific training and limit my ammo to the type of training.
Home laser training I do 15/20 minutes 4 to 5 days twice a day per week.
Range time approximately 2 hours, outside range 99% of the time, when we can make it there and when the local range isn’t booked by Tournaments.
We have only one decent outdoor range within decent driving distance to where we live.
Oh, no I’m not bragging, just trying to show if everyone can practice as much as they can or want, your results will create a great accomplishment feeling within yourselves.
Safety first overall.