Man Who Swung Bat at Squeegee Workers in Baltimore Is Fatally Shot

In case you forgot, DA Mosby gained notoriety for her anti-police stance. The article is a reprint from NYT, so please cut through PC newspeak like “squeegee workers”


What the hell are squeegee workers? Oh, the bums that come up to your car, clean the windshield and demand money for a service you didn’t ask for.


Exactly. You can get more with a squeegee and a gun than with a squeegee.


Ah, ha. Here was naive ole me, thinking window washers.
Thanks for reaffirming my need to stay away from urban areas.


I won’t name the country lest I be misunderstood but that’s common in at least one Asian country.
Not sure if it’s practiced in neighboring countries.
If you don’t pay for unsolicited service, they know several ways to gang up on you.
It’s like misdemeanor trick or treat and you didn’t have candies to give away.

Surely, based on our non existent border, I should have a pretty clean car at the third light, let me guess, 4th light Carnauba Wax!
If they want to clean my car for fee, who am I to argue!
Now, if they missed a spot, we’ll that’s just poor customer service!

I sure don’t have the time to do this.

You step out into the middle of the road to wash my car, that was completely voluntary on your part, thank you, ( green light ) HAVE A NICE DAY!

There is a chance they will send some bullets once customer runs without paying.
Where is Rudy Giuliani.

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Or more likely just “key” the side of your car as you drive off.

Reward them for aggressive, unwanted services or risk having your car vandalized. It’s a no win situation and significant safety hazard for everyone involved.

You could just tell them you have no cash but bet some of them take Venmo, etc nowadays:(


along with your telephone, LOL.

Idea! What if you can label intersections with squeegee gangs in Wayz or Google Maps, same as you label speed traps? May get you banned from the service for denying income to impoverished neighborhoods


Fairly common in Brazil!

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Seems like it is a sign you are in the 3rd World country.


Or, was that your foot, felt like a sponge, what was it doing under my car? Grew up with this in Brooklyn. I’m old now, thought it was the brake, so sorry.
At the same time maybe we could intimidate Supreme Court judges at their houses, sounds like a new form of car washing and democracy! Perhaps Mayor Petey Bootajudge has some solutions! If it’s a “no win” situation, why are we playing the game?


I moved from the suburbs to the country decades ago to get as far away as I could from the big city games. But every once in awhile I have to visit the city and see how many people are still playing.

Though if everyone else decided to stop playing and move to the country there’d be no more open space for me to wander around in so guess I should be happy those games mostly stay in the packed urban areas.


It’s not about moving to the country, it’s about removing potential roadkill from our tax paid for streets. I use pesticides at home to rid my lovely garden of vermin, rodents and insects. We’re dealing with the same!

We just haven’t come up with a suitable spray! What are they called “squeegee rodents”? Unfortunately rodents normally seek out untapped resources! I’ve watched it happen of the course of 34 years in my community. You couldn’t find a cockroach 34 years ago, now the population has tripled and there are signs of rodent droppings! It’s still a nice enough area that moving is not warranted! By the time it becomes warranted there will be no where to go and I’ll be to far gone to care! I’ll just leave them to their own devices!

My generation brought sex, drugs and rock n roll, ( some peace and a few flowers), they will live with death, homelessness, drugs that kill instantly ( not exactly the best customer retention strategy ), famine, trash from other countries and lower IQ’s than a pizza box!

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Yes, key your car is what you get for “non-payment”

It’s extortion but like illegal aliens, the term is no longer politically correct.


Yes there is: it’s called pepper spray

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Here’s an idea! An auxiliary windshield spray system aimed to the sides. Fill with the water strained from curdled milk or something else equally stinky.