Be careful...violence can happen anywhere. Cop attacked

This happened about week ago but I just saw it. An off duty cop in uniform working as security for a local Walmart was viciously attacked for no reason. Thank god there were people that knew it was wrong and jumped in to help the cop otherwise this would definitely ended differently.

As has been said so many times on here…you really do need to pay attention to you environment and always have your head on a swivel.

I for one am more than a little outraged that it was not picked up by more news outlets.


I’m glad he’s in custody and it could’ve ended up worse. Kudos to those patrons in Walmart for jumping in.:+1::+1:


Glad the officer is okay!

From all accounts, I would suggest this individual suffers from a mental-illness and even worse the man held a grudge against law-enforcement officers

Goes without saying when you tell arresting officers after being mirandized that the end-goal was officiallymurdering the officer, obtaining his service pistol, shooting and kill Wal-Mart customers, and then take his own life!

This bad apple needs much more than three hots and cott. Maybe a good doctor , a perception, and then perhaps a time-machine to erase his future transgressions.


He needs Jesus Christ!


Amen @Larry115

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