Looted walMart in Chi-town

I haven’t been watching here recently but have y’all looked at the video of the woman going to WalMart to buy food to feed her babies and it was looted almost completely. I started a thread a cpl years ago about what happened to shooting looters. Many came out with the usual extreme position of “would you shoot someone over a bag of chips”. A completely looted store is what happens when there are no consequences for actions.

Yes I do think stores should be allowed to protect their merchandise with deadly force when it comes to situations like this. Stores are leaving and it will cause urban rot and decay.


looting is basically stealing… IMHO BUT…

there is a difference… IMHO it massive stealing on a very large scale…

that can very easily get way out of control…

it is also a self-centered selfish attitude that ignores morality… and laws…

what they gonna do about it kinda thing…

that over time destroys a culture/society… and nations…

and IMHO when looting starts it’s time to bring out some serious power…

if that means shooting the looters… then so be it… always stopped that in the past…

real quick…


No different from the “smash and grab”, and further more these LOOTERS are arming themselves in case anyone tries to stop them in committing their crimes.


Thus the tactical compliance and ambush. Start dropping these SOBs at the door or while smashing up the place. In today’s environment the guards would have to travel in packs. Just look at the policewoman murdered the other day by teenagers.


There’s an escalation of force that you’re missing, here. No, you don’t shoot someone for nicking a $3 bag of potato chips. But you can stop someone who is trying to leave your store without paying and call the police. If that person threatens you, you can defend yourself. If that person presents an imminent threat to your life, then you can use deadly force.

It’s not an extreme position, as you said. The deadly force is to protect your own life or that of your employees; it’s not to save that bag of chips. This is a gross oversimplification, but I think y’all already know what I’m talking about.

The city failed; it should have provided the police presence and assistance needed to stop looting. Since they won’t, I can’t blame retailers for popping smoke and cutting their losses. The real losers, as you point out, are the residents who have lost retailers and can’t get basic needs. That’s why we have basic rules of civilization and officers who enforce those laws.


No I’m not missing it. What you might be missing is that its going to escalate anyways regardless. The sooner these types of individuals start to think and learn their life is worth more than anything in a store the better. The looters are the ones deciding their life is only worth the items they steal.

No insult intended, you sound like a gun control person wanting to blame the the gun and not the person using it. It’s a well known fact that criminals only escalate into more violent crimes.

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That doesn’t follow. All I said is that you can’t use deadly force to save a bag of potato chips, in response to what you had originally called an “extreme position.” Those same rules of civilization (laws) which say I can’t steal from retailers also say I can only use deadly force to protect life and limb. That has nothing to do with the tools of deadly force used, it has to do with the person using those tools, whether it’s a firearm, a knife, or a baseball bat.

Think of how many times you’ve accidentally set off the alarm at a retailer because Buffy the Cashier forgot to remove or disable the tag. Do you really want Buffy the Shoplifter Slayer to shoot first and ask questions later? Of course not. Even if that were legal, killing customers is generally considered bad for business. And again, it has nothing to do with gun control. The same would be true if Buffy used an axe. How you got from there to making this about gun control is beyond me.

Random internet surfers wander into this weird little forum from time to time, let’s make a clear distinction about what can and can’t be done. A huge part of being a responsible gun owner is knowing when you’re allowed to use deadly force and when you aren’t. Even with the best of intentions, a firearm owner can face pretty stiff penalties if he’s outside the limits of what the law allows.


WalMart is closing 4 of their stores and the theft was why. Was funny they were protesting about Walmart closing due to high theft and lack of profitability, so the “peaceful protesters” started to riot and looted the store to the ground and then said it wasn’t fair that Walmart was closing.


That’s a big leap you’re making and something I never said. Probably should have included saying the laws needed to be changed. Is there really a difference here from the convenient store owner in Detroit that hired armed security to stop theft and to protect his customers. No difference in the application.

Honestly, having the door alarm go off because of Buffy the Cashier not removing the tag has been an extremely rare occurrence for me. I think the better question would be: how many Buffies would take on that responsibility? Why are YOU taking it to an extreme of the worst possibilities? Obviously more thought and better trained individuals would be needed. However the sentiments of the public in general would have to change from thinking like you.

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Fighting hyperbole with hyperbole. Your original post said:

How does Buffy the Shoplifter Slayer not fit this description?


Where did I say say it would be of her job description? Again you are making a leap to the worst of possible outcomes. You want to blame Buffy for the actions of a criminal doing illegal activities. Were you educated in a socialist high school?

I’m sick and tired of seeing criminals get off with a slap on the wrist. Liberals in San Antonio recently tried to pass a law saying it was okay to steal up to $750 without jail or reparations. Thankfully it was voted down.


Are you purposely misreading what I write? I asked how Buffy the Shoplifting Slayer fit your description of allowing stores to “protect their merchandise with deadly force.”

I share your opinion of watching criminals get off easy, and the Walmart you described in the original post is the result of such stupid policies. But I don’t want anyone to get the idea that it’s okay for retailers to use deadly force to prevent shoplifting. That’s not just bad business practice, it’s a quick way to end up in jail. Some prosecutors might go easy on looters, but those same people are quick to nail shooters.


Are you purposely misrepresenting everything I write? Where did I say it had to be Buffy and not hired and trained security? Have you seen that video? The lady was literally crying because she couldn’t feed her kids and the next store was an hour bus ride away.

So tell me, how are stores going to stop gangs of ppl coming in and stealing everything in the store literally! The store is going to close, ppl will lose a decent job, no store will come to fill the vacancy. I care more for that honest lady wanting to feed her kids than I do about criminals. You should too!

Edit: I specifically mentioned the convenient store owner in Detroit that hired ARMED security to protect the store and customers.

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Ouade5: “Do you really want Buffy the shoplifter Slayer to shoot first?”…no Sir, the evil ones want poor Buffy to get slaughtered!


This is obviously a Hot button Issue. PLEASE Lets NOT take it out on each other Brothers and Sisters. There IS a difference in ‘shoplifting’ a bag of chips and out right MASS “Smash N Grabs” by a people who don’t give a sh-- about Laws and a right way to conduct themselves in Society. These people have been indoctrinated over the last couple of years it’s OK to Loot, hurt, burn, destroy, rape, murder, car jack, do whatever the hell you want because you have been oppressed by the White Society for too many decades. They are now told it is OK to steal (up to $950 worth of merchandise in California, and oh by the way ‘It’s NOT Stealing’ it is a justification for centuries of being oppressed by the White rich) They have been convinced by Woke politicians that they DESERVE Reparation’s for something that happened to their ancestors in the 1700-1800’s… this breakdown of Societal norms is Planned and Diabolical. The Elites want a race war and the way they are going about is systematic and on a level these people understand. Primal basic NEED, I don’t have something, YOU DO, and I want it NOW! You get 500 of like minded animals together on social media, plan the attack! carry it out, who is going to stop them! The defunded Police department? not bloody likely. Why do any of you think that defunding Police is anything but part and parcel to this plan of Total Anarchy? The people in power WANT Anarchy. They live for it! They are BANKING on it! And further more this is also why the ATTACK on 2A/Gun Ownership/Firearms manufactures/Ammo suppliers etc is going full speed ahead? But you say "Donald, The right to keep and…fagitaboutit my friends they are going after us and it will take Millions of dollars, lawsuits up the wazoo and time we don’t have to rectify the situation… AND A FIGHT! If you say to some people "You don’t need an AR15, Sheep go “OK, Nobody needs an AR15”—except the Weaponized IRS, ATF, FBI,CIA and the friggin’ PTA for all I know!. They want NO ONE to be armed but themselves… Before you Attack ME just remember it’s also OK for the criminals/thugs/murderers/Cartel Cowboy’s/ Invasion hit squads to have guns because it helps knock off the ‘Resistance’ (US Folks) 40 MILLION STRONG and GROWING!!! who stand in their way of total domination. It is PROVEN to work in the past, It has been planned for GOD knows how long ago. You disarm the population you can CONTROL them easier. I don’t need to go through a full list of countries where just in recent memory they include Germany against the Jewish Population, Europe, Africa (how’s that working for them now? Power only half the day? No train services because of looting/Copper theft etc…sound familiar?) Venezuela, Now Canada (do you see the reports where the ‘fires’ mysteriously torching the country evoke MANDATORY evacuations and the ‘Authorities’ then go in and do a massive gun grab ! They have pictures! Its being documented, A Canadian said: “I had (10) guns, I left during the evac and I came home to a kicked in door and walaa! NO firearms!”). Think I am over reacting? being a little paranoid? It’s a template for our future folks. Just look at a few examples—East Palestine, Ohio (Evacuations/ scare tactics)-- Texas Cattle Explosion (18,000 Thousand cattle killed! ) Upstate NY just last year during a blizzard ! The animals came out and it took CITIZENs capping these people in the streets to try and preserve their neighborhoods. LA during old Rodney Kings riots: They burned their own peoples businesses down to the ground. If you destroy the food supply what are people , hungry angry people going to eat? , Train wrecks all over the country? The Scam-demic, Anti-social distancing, Vax’s=MASS MURDER! Our Border is NOT open ! c’mon folks, these criminals actually think we are stupid! If you put enough pieces of a puzzle together you don’t need a picture on the front of the box! Just one last example WALMART. They are being TARGETED ! NAH you say? How many have closed in just the last couple of months (dozens!) Ask yourselves WHY! The answer (to me anyway) is you take away a food supply in their broken/crime infested neighborhoods and where are they going to steal…um…shop? Where are these animals going to get their food, clothes, daily necessities to pillage from? Hey, how about yours and my neighborhoods ?. Sound logical? In the ‘old days’ when I was learning history in school and on the boob tube they showed us maps and charts of the world and Germany/japan/Russia’s attempt at Total World Domination. Anyone remember the ‘spread’ of the ‘ooze’ as I call it when the EVIL Axis spread across the globe and we were told we have to fight this spread to keep democracy/Republic FREE? Remember? Now it’s happening again only the destruction of our Republic is being attempted from within! It’s a CANCER folks ! You see it clearly with your own eyes in blue states as we speak. Chicago, NYC, All of California , Seattle etc etc. Once they have destroyed their precious inner cities they will swarm our neck of the woods. They will have to. It’s basic survival Instincts.
I worked in some hellholes in my life. From Bensonhurst, Brooklyn to Mogadishu, Horn of Africa— these mutants destroy any quality of life for themselves in their backyard and then they spread their ‘ooze’ to other parts of the country. In 1993 there was not ONE untouched home or business left standing complete. Their airport was decimated. No local water/power grid/sanitation left operational. It stunk with an indescribable odor you had to experience because words just fail. And they just keep KILLING each other for money and drugs! Any attempts at Peace and they killed the ‘Peace Keepers’ too. Hung their heads on the gates to the embassies (Pakistanis)…dragged us through the streets… Brooklyn back in the day my Armored truck was peppered by thugs daily who couldn’t wait to get a shot at us as we jumped out of the truck delivering cash to their precious Check (welfare) establishments. They DON’T care if they destroy their own survival system/food sources it’s ridiculous. There were zero pizza parlors left that I know off when I left New York in some of the worst parts of the city. Who would put up with that?. You had a choice of Jamaican beans and rice or Jamaican rice and beans!. As you can tell I am NOT a candidate for sainthood. I’ve seen too much. I’ve seen the worst of the worst of human behavior out there and it has jaded me severely. But I am still a nice guy. I am still hopeful we can turn this country around. But many people are going to have to leave this world for that to happen. Many people. If you take a nice person. Subject them to the worst possible degradation, humilitiation , starve them, freeze them, throw them out on the street, after a while basic survival mode will HAVE to kick in and they will do things they never dreamed of to just get the next meal or build a fire against a building just to stay warm. Mug/hurt people that is what is happening on our streets today with our homeless. Now add that crap to the thugs, gangs, criminal element and you have a powder keg ready for a match! I saw a guy w/ a 82nd airborne patch on his shoulder, under all the hair and filth was a Patriot ! He SERVED his country (who abandoned him) he didn’t speak…words, he growled, he was menacing/scary devolving before my eyes…sometimes you just break. Sometimes you just don’t/can’t come back. And the politicians don’t care. We are in for a fight. If we have a ghost of a chance to leave our children’s children any kind of world we are going to have to take back our streets/country. This is more than just a hungry/poor person wanting something to eat. This is more than a cold person stealing a sweater/coat to shield themselves from the elements. This is MASS INDOCTERNATION to bring out he worst of the worst in people. Bill gates folks said it best (that evil Bast–d). “there are too many people on our planet to sustain us!” To me that say’s it all. How many are going to die from just the Vax’s alone. Children being told they are not the sex GOD made them? GOD doesn’t make mistakes folks. People do. When the world is MILLIONS of people fewer in the world, when we are all disarmed and helpless, mindless drones, when they have gone to war and killed any people they don’t particularly like, when Donald trump is completely destroyed they think it will be time to Matrix us all into submission…Red or Blue pill anybody?

As Kid Rock just said “have a terrific night”


Very well stated with good reasoning. My problem with Quade was he took it to the one of the worst possible outcome. Then he defended it misstating what I said. I did concede that laws would have to change along with our society opinion of how to handle the problem. At the same time we, patriots and gun owners, can’t let this situation continue. Our nation has grown and we’re at a point of having to decide who we are as a country. At some point we will have to draw the line and say no more.

We need to start caring more for the honest law abiding citizens than the criminals. Were there past wrongs done by law enforcement, sure there was. The pendulum has now swung too far in defending the criminal.

Final note: California giving out reparations is simple vote buying. California was never a pro slave state and no body in California owned slaves. There is a civil war coming sadly. As you said many, many ppl are going to die.


Just taking your proposition and seeing how far you’d go with it. I don’t care if you call her Buffy or Black Adam, you’re still talking about having agents of the retailer shooting people for petty theft. Where’s the line?

I’m all for self-defense, and I want to see something done about looting, but I’m not shopping at any establishment where Joe the Rent-a-cop can mow me down because I forgot to scan a bag of M&Ms. The worse possible outcome, you say? Exactly. How do you reconcile “stores should be allowed to protect their merchandise with deadly force” (your words) against the idea that store security can shoot me if I forget to pay for something?

I wish prosecutors, legislators, and voters would consider the worst possible outcomes of their ideas. Maybe we wouldn’t get stupid things like “We should stop prosecuting looters.” That’s the thing, though, if you’re going to propose an idea like “stores should be allowed to protect their merchandise with deadly force” (again, your words), then you also have to consider the outcomes of your proposition. That’s all I’ve repeatedly asked; where is the limit? I don’t want to trade one bad idea for another.

Stop calling me names and explain it to me like I’m a 5-year-old.


It’s ppl like you that I hate to talk to. You want to push it and I think you do it for fun. I know you don’t care but I think you’re an a-hole for doing it.

I hope I never talk to you again

Funny, I wondered if you were doing the same thing. USCCA teaches responsible firearm ownership, and you’re talking about retail stores shooting people over something as small as a bag of potato chips. Again, your words, not mine.

Again, I don’t think I’m asking for much, here. I’m simply asking if there’s a limit to retailers using lethal force, because your original proposition was pretty open-ended.

Just hit the block button, buddy. All your dreams will come true.


Whether retail business can/forced to defend its shelves from shoplifters, or cannot - is a false dilemma! We need to restore policing and corrections to where these services perform its function, keep good people safe day after day.
Everything they did in San Fran and Seattle is wrong. All of it: 0 bail, restorative justice, homeless encampments. Reject it, and reject names of people who propose this crap on the ballot.


Hey I have a novel idea. (oh boy…)
Lets table this BS Reparations money/talk and build a bunch of Super-max prisons…
and even better lets fire all these bleeding heart S0cialist/Marxist Elitists and actually put the
criminals in jail? Is that too harsh? When you let a Skell know he/she/it is NOT going to be prosecuted
or often not going to be arrested for their actions the bottom feeder always resorts to the worst level.
It’s been given a License to Kill (steal, rob, rape etc). In the old day’s my Dad sat me down in front of the TV and said ‘Pay attention" I was maybe (11)… It was about 2100 hours and it was No TV after 2000 usually…that alone said to me uh oh, what’s this about?. Then he gave me a can of COKE before the program started…that alone made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I remember all this clearly because it was the look on my parents faces, the time, the coke and the feeling in the house.
‘Scared Straight ’ came on next. Channel (9) WOR-TV New York…If you never heard of this Google it boots, its probably preserved for all humanity. It was Convicts vs. Kids (some young ‘street toughs’ that maybe had minor rap sheets already, sneers on their faces,posturing wood be thugs for the cameras…man, ladies and gentlemen I was blown away. These ‘Lifers’ knew their life was over. They were done. murderers, rapists etc who were given one last shot to try and scare the crap out of these kids, turn their lives around before it was too late. Now don’t quote me on this but there was a lot of crying, bad language, and threats to violating these kids ‘posterior’ if they ever wound up in the same cells as these guys. they got in their faces and even the toughest ‘Yoot’ BROKE! I believe I remember their was self urination involved but it wasn’t stated directly by the moderator/interviewer . They were reduced to puddles because the Con’s left nothing out, spared NO FEELING’s towards these kids…I also believe I left the coke completely untouched! I would hazard a guess that many children/teens were indeed scared straight. Who wouldn’t be? When 300lb Big Bubba gets in your face and say’s “I am gonna take you and do whatever I want with you” “What are they gonna do to me?” Put me in prison?" hahahahahaha… these kids were all looking around for their Momma’s… Me too.
There is NO FEAR today out there. There will be no repercussions for their actions. FEAR IS GOOD!
(up to a point). Fear tells you that uh oh, I better think twice befo’ I’s step in dat big pile of doo-doo.
Nope, not there today. If you look on Nit-Twitter I think one blog (or whatever they are called) it’s called ‘Fight Club" or “Stoopid S— people do” These animals fight each other, teachers, Police, whoever they feel dissed them. And the horrific thing about it is there is no stopping them. Once the opponent is down the other sides peoplegang up and stomps the piss out of them while they are unconscious. Animalistic, Brutal, In-human.
These people are LOST. This isn’t entertainment folks. Some of them will die because of their future actions…Karma. But how many will take Innocents with them before they go to hell? How many Grandmothers, children, shop keepers are going to be blown away before justice is meted out to them?..and frankly, they just don’t seem to care.You live in a s—hole, surrounded by s—heads, drugs, hungery, no parents, and Whitey saying you DESERVE to be taken care of because of what WHITEYhas done and continues to do to you.
In my career I was @ one time (I think it was Ouade5)who stated Joe the rent-a-cop) that was me…for a brief time…before I came to my senses. In my defense I was recovering from being hurt (again) and I was bored. Popular to contrary belief as a Guard you really aren’t ALLOWED to shoot people…go figure ;c)
On some posts you aren’t ALLOWED to stop a shop lifter… then the question begs to be asked “What good are you then”? Well, you are supposed to be a gun toting deterrent. But this position was probably created before the days of I’m going to kill you if you stop me from stealin’ that 12 pack ! or a customers ‘beamer’ who just ran inside to hit the ATM 9and left the car running outside, because you Mr. Mall guard w/ a gun are standing there anyway and that is your job. That doesn’t work anymore. You might as well be a 6’ wooden dime store indian w/ cigars stuck into the holes in your hands. That attitude should be done away w/ like Trench warfare in WW1 or kamikaze attacks in ww2 … although today that’s still popular because of the 72 Virgins reward…
This world needs a reboot, someone needs to hit the do-over button (God maybe?) We have fallen so far that coming back might take Divine Intervention. Desperate people who just want to feed their families take these Security positions now. No real skills, maybe they shoot their weapons every once in a while and I wouldn’t be surprised if they held their firearms sideways. In a Mass-Looting situation there is a real chance of a Massacre happening before the Guard is overwhelmed and killed. Over store stock?
This is not a good plan. This is a S— sandwich without the bread. The problem (and they are too numerous to list here) is the loss of penalty. You do the crime today and you don’t do the time. Safety in numbers (are you going to arrest the whole MOB?, Can you? Who exactly will do the arresting? Certainly not’ Joe’… He’ll be dead. And the MOB will see some of their brethren go down, will really turn into a FLASH MOB! and people will get killed. Cashiers, managers, customers, children… Police are stepping back now for fear of retaliation not from the mob (although there is that real threat) but from the mealy mouth Liberals in office these days. It’s a no win situation for them. You run towards the gun fire you are blood thirsty, you step back and Innocents are slaughtered your a P—Y! Who the heck would want to be a Cop these days? You can’t shoot people for stealing store stock… OK so what is the plan then?
SOLDIERS. that is my plan. NG’s? regular Army? Patrolling the streets, the badlands of some neighborhoods. Leave out the LOST neighborhoods. they are already gone. Sending in troopers is just target practice for the thugs. Take back the streets. Let a civilian be able to breathe again, go shopping, get gas. Thugs show up–handle it. Invasion fore knocks on the gates, send in the troopers. Before long attrition will take place and the worst of the gang Bangers will be in hell very soon after.

That is my plan. No one will ask me but that seems real to me. We need real education NOT Indoctrination.Real life studies. A boy is a boy a girl is a girl and tell them there is no shame in that. Get these VIEW sh-- stirrers off the air. They serve no real purpose. Arrest these meglamanics that are trying to take over the world. These career politicians that have MILLIONs of dollars from a $155K a year job. Multiple mansions. There is no crime in being rich. Just Criminal and rich.

That would be a good start.