Smash and Grab?

With S&G crimes growing in nature, scope, and locations, I have to wonder when the nation stops looking at this as a property crime and addresses this as a similar danger to the public as arson. It’s way out of control in MHO. I’m thinking it’s past time to unleash the dogs on these criminals.


Some places are. Must have needed a ring for his GF. :slightly_smiling_face:

FOND DU LAC – A 29-year-old man is in custody and another man is on the run after an armed robbery at Kohls Department Store Sunday evening.

The Fond du Lac Police Department received a report of an armed robbery at Kohls, 913 W. Johnson St., around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. Police said that two men, one armed with a hammer, entered the store and began smashing jewelry display cases and taking the jewelry.

Police said that bystanders at the store were able to detain one of the men and held him until police arrived and took him into custody. The second man fled before police arrived.

Police said they were able to recover the stolen merchandise. No injuries were reported by store staff or customers.

The police department asks that anyone with information about the incident contact the Fond du Lac Police Department at 920-322-3740.


Should I be concerned about lawlessness in retail stores in LA, SF or Minneapolis. Should I be more concerned than CEOs of Apple or Nordstrom.
This is not new either. Used to be called wilding, the “youths” took it up a notch with looting.


Also known as feral youth.

I hope it does not spread beyond the liberal areas.


Sadly, “liberal area” in this context, is any place with a gutless mayor and woke prosecutor. Which is Anywhere, USA.

We will see though. When I took the CWL class, the instructor was asking students why they made this decision. One guy said plainly, I have a retail business.


I’m not a lawyer but if I understand the Utah Laws, If they come in with tire irons like they did in one of the S&G’s in Cali I may legally be allowed to use serious force to stop them… Just Sayin.

76-2-402. Force in defense of person – Forcible felony defined.
(1) (a) As used in this section: “Forcible felony” means aggravated assault, mayhem, … …and arson, robbery, and burglary as defined in Title 76, Chapter 6, Offenses Against Property.

(2) (a) An individual is justified in threatening or using force against another individual when and to the extent that the individual reasonably believes that force or a threat of force is necessary to defend the individual or another individual against the imminent use of unlawful force.

(b) An individual is justified in using force intended or likely to cause death or serious bodily injury only if the individual reasonably believes that force is necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to the individual or another individual as a result of imminent use of unlawful force, or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

76-6-602. Retail theft, acts constituting.
A person commits the offense of retail theft when he knowingly:

Takes possession of, conceals, carries away, transfers or causes to be carried away or transferred, any merchandise displayed, held, stored or offered for sale in a retail mercantile establishment with the intention of retaining such merchandise or with the intention of depriving the merchant permanently of the possession, use or benefit of such merchandise without paying the retail value of such merchandise


Beyond “wilding”


I’m thinking before long those businesses will leave those areas. If the cities do nothing to stop it, That’s all I see


Just guessing this is a more extreme liberal problem. Around here, they don’t let you steal up to $950 with no consequences.


Lookup SF Mayor re: closure of Walgreens stores (much looted) in the city. It is amusing.


First the insurance companies will pull those businesses theft coverage, then the businesses will close up shop either by bankruptcy or choice, then the surrounding areas will start to look like turn of the century Detroit.

People will start moving from liberal areas to conservative areas and about half will change their ideology as a result. In 10 years we will have a 70% conservative majority across the board for about 20 years until we cycle back into a new generation thinking they want handouts again.

This problem solves itself with time, the idea is to keep yourself safe and secure until it blows over.


I like your optimism, LOL. I cant share it, from the part where libs resettle in conservative areas and recover from insanity


Ghetto kids find Smash and Grab more fun than midnight basketball.


What if you find yourself in a store where a smash and grab is going down? Would 10 or 15 aggressive masked invaders armed with crowbars make a reasonable person caught up in the melee fear for his or her life?

Inquiring minds would like to know.


The way I see it, if that happens I’m getting myself and my family out of there immediately. If anyone in the mob attempts to interfere with me in doing so I would consider it a threat of great bodily harm or death. 10 to 15 bad guys armed with crow bars vs 1 good guy with a hand gun makes for a substantial disparity of force in favor of the mob IMO.

I’m sure as hell not going to try to take on a mob of shoplifters if they allow me to vacate unharmed.

Now, if they are threatening other people directly or attacking them so as to cause fear of great bodily injury or death I’d have to make a judgement call. If anyone I care about is with me my priority is to get them out of there safely.


They are getting bolder and more dangerous. Just today it was reported that a retired police officer working security at a store in Californicate was shot to death by "shoplifters ".

His blood is on the hands of the governor, prosecutors, judges, and voters that wanted all this.

This was absolutely predictable.


The news people are in part responsible for this mayhem. They don’t deserve protection.


The trend now is for the theft mobs to travel to where the businesses are, even in low crime areas. Time for some RICO federal prosecution.


Also, this… When you outlaw guns (and magazines) only outlaws will… you know the rest:


How many white people are doing these crimes?