Man shoots robber during bathroom break at Kwik Trip

I will repost the first part of your post, so that it will be formatted without the scrolling:

“Law and order”. For the last 30 years our “justice system” has been deliberately and with malice, dumbed down, starting in earnest with “president” Wm. Jefferson Clinton firing 93 U.S. attorneys and replacing them with “liberals” upon taking office in 93’. This same Wm. Jefferson Clinton, and of course Janet Reno who basically ordered the invasion, who oversaw the burning to death and slaughter of almost 86 men, women and children at Waco, Texas. Supposedly because they had "thousands of guns and millions of rounds of ammo…carefully omitted in the “nightly news”, that basically cheered on the torture of these people for 51 days! P.S. Military, law enforcement, ATF and various other entities “joined in the torture”.

Our own ‘supreme’ court now has a “judge” who can’t, or won’t define a woman who has habitually been lenient with child sex offenders! Night after night I watch the only “news” channels I can get from Albuquerque, New Mexico. And almost night after night I see leftist lib judges releasing violent career criminals before court. SURPRISE the criminal doesn’t make it to court. A few years ago, a belligerent large woman of color was arrested for literally bashing a cop in the head. She was “arrested”. Spent the night in jail and released the next day with NO CHARGES for attacking a police officer.

We have little to no criminal justice in states anymore. This is not by chance. If you follow the unedited news channels (about two of them) you’ll see a whole different and uncensored truth than the lamestream “media”. I’m 76 years old and I’ve seen things happen in this nation regarding firearms that should make any red blooded American furious.
George Washington made a statement so many years ago that We The People MUST understand…“Firearms are the liberty’s teeth.”

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My wife & I live in a real close community. We know most of our neighbors & we take care of each other. It so happens lately that trouble has been finding its way into our community from out side.Most of us feel like we are our brothers keeper.

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