Man shoots robber during bathroom break at Kwik Trip

Yeah - what he said!


Yes, as a “prosecutor of ham sandwiches” going towards the danger when my life wasn’t threatened in any way, puts me, potentially, in prison!

There has to be a straight understanding that hesitation kills!
Innocent lives matter!
If we can’t say that this is open and shut, society as we know it will devolve into pure chaos!
Or there are going to be a lot more innocent lives lost!

In closing, if Liberals could have this debate, the world would be a lot safer!
Good conversation!


So imagine you live in a place with a George Soros funded, social justice warrior prosecutor. You are also saddled with a leftist mayor and police chief.

You went out to get ice cream for your wife and two young kids. You KNOW what the right thing to do is. You feel compelled to defend this third-party in dire peril.

But you damn sure know what might happen to you and your family. Your job. Forget the fact that 1,000 protestors might be outside your house real soon. Suddenly, being a good witness may be an attractive, alternative choice.

But damnit, this maniac is about to kill this person.

What in the hell is a good, honorable person to do? Back when things still made sense, people like us knew exactly what to do. Now enter the leftist; the bolshivek activist.

This type of analysis should not be needed. Yet, Here we all are. I am probably going to defend that victim from what seems imminent. But God help me after that.

Rant over. I just hate what has happened to our great Republic.


Off topic: I am reading a summarized account of the collapse of the Republic of the Roman Empire. So many parallels in our modern republic. So sad.


[ Deadly Force ]
(1) (b) A person is justified in using force intended or likely to cause death or serious bodily injury only if the person reasonably believes that force is necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to the person or a third person as a result of another person’s imminent use of unlawful force, or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

In Utah it’s not what the knife is made of it’s what you reasonably believe the knife is made of…


Roger that sir. Virginia is much the same. My area is still pretty conservative…for now anyway.


Is this type of analysis needed, though?

The article, published at 9 AM this morning, about somebody who was shot and killed last night, says the investigation is ongoing.

Is it so bad that the press statement at 9 AM the morning after (on a Sunday no less) is that the investigation is ongoing?

Even right now this minute, it seems like it has still been less than 24 hours. Even in a perfect scenario, <24 hours on a weekend/Sunday to close an investigation into a homicide might be a little soon to be worried?

Edit: I read again. Saturday morning, so it had been about 24 hours when the article was published and about 36 ours or so by now. Still, I feel the same sentiment posted above. Seems really quick to be worried about it not already being a closed case

Let’s’ see where it goes


True that sir. Roger all.


Needed, no. Beneficial, I think so. If it helps all of us to be more aware of the risks of using our tools defensively, I think that’s a good thing.


I agree. But analyzing it is a good thing, not necessarily a bad thing that indicates society has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Analysis will be more useful as more information comes out, and as LE/.gov determines and announces what the next step will or won’t be.

We have some good info from that article, but, not a whole lot of it.

I wonder if there is surveillance video that will be released at some point in the future…?

Maybe ASP will get to it in 6-12 months or however long it takes to get footage and all the facts and conclusion that we will be able to and we’ll see it there sometime in the future


Complex case. We might not know all the details. Sounds like the samaritan may have saved a life. Brave? Yes. Stupid? IDK. Should he have called 911 sooner? What if 911 would have told him not to approach? Could have “gone down” bad?

Hope he ends up ok. Like our peers here mentioned, now he gambles with prosecutor and jury of peers in that area.


Better than stories from NYC subway, when someone gets their life threatened and everyone just records on their phones.

I’d like to mention another risk factor. Once a decent person fails to stop a murder when they had the means and the opportunity –guaranteed mental torment for the rest of their life.


When I’m traveling, I can avoid going to places in the dark, gas stations that are sketchy, etc. Stopping to pee is when I feel the most vulnerable. I try to go to restaurants instead of gas stations. Still, partly undressed, faced away from everyone…it isn’t a great feeling.


You definitely don’t want to “get caught with your pants down” as they say.


When I first started getting into conceal carry I watched a video of somebody teaching their conceal carry course, and they were asking shoot or don’t shoot scenarios, and he brought up one shooting like the cop in McDonald’s who fired upon a robber who was fleeing, but the robber fired back and hit a 3 year old girl, and he was talking about morally you have to deal with that for the rest of your life, and his family was still in the store when it took place. He later stated that the officer said he would of escaped with his family if he was to do it again.

Another scenario he brought up, was you’re in the gas station and somebody has a firearm pointed at the pregnant cashier, do you shoot or not shoot? He went onto explain there is no right or wrong answer, but he did emphasize what if you accidentally hit her, or can you live without her emphasizing the gun is there to protect you and the ones you love. Is that person going to take care of your legal fees? If you can live without her he said the best thing is to be a good witness, but if you can’t live without her, then do what you must.


I hear a “voice of reason”.

This is what it’s going to take to slow these criminals down. Ever since the socialist went insane with all there pro-crime in our country!

Re: "law and order". For the last 30 years our "justice system" has been deliberately and with malice, dumbed down, starting in earnest with "president" Wm. Jefferson Clinton firing 93 U.S. attorneys and replacing them with "liberals" upon taking office in 93'. This same Wm. Jefferson Clinton, and of course Janet Reno who basically ordered the invasion, who oversaw the burning to death and slaughter of almost 86 men, women and **children** at Waco, Texas. Supposedly because they had "thousands of guns and millions of rounds of ammo...carefully omitted in the "nightly news", that basically cheered on the torture of these people for 51 days! P.S. Military, law enforcement, ATF and various other entities "joined in the torture". 
Our own 'supreme' court now has a "judge" who can't, or won't define a woman who has habitually been lenient with child sex offenders!. Night after night I watch the only "news" channels I can get from Albuquerque, New Mexico. And almost night after night I see leftist lib judges releasing violent career criminals before court. SURPRISE the criminal doesn't make it to court. A few years ago a belligerent large woman of color was arrested for literally bashing a cop in the head. She was "arrested". Spent the night in jail and released the next day with NO CHARGES for attacking a police officer.
We have little to no criminal justice in states anymore. This is not by chance. If you follow the unedited news channels (about two of them) you'll see a whole different and uncensored truth than the lamestream "media". I'm 76 years old and I've seen things happen in this nation regarding firearms that should make any red blooded American furious. 
George Washington made a statement so many years ago that We The People MUST understand...**"Firearms are the liberty's teeth."**

I am not and would not advocate running amuck, but I am advocating that we who are law abiding citizens with the RIGHT to bear arms must not sit on the sidelines while our Constitution is used as a foot wipe; our Bill of RIGHTS run over by government sponsored tanks, and our freedom as so many once free nations once had, to not be bound in chains.
When George Bush Sr. was elected president he said something that burned into my brain tho’ at the time I didn’t fully understand it’s threat: “We must usher in the New World Order.”
That is not about preserving our rights, it’s about destroying them. Spend some time on the ATF website…like a few hours. Pretty much every one of the numerous gun laws are listed there. I printed out about 50 pages from the niggling to the egregious. Oh, they’ll no doubt keep a record of your visit.
Our Second Amendment is under direct attack, it must be destroyed… a few years ago I read a statement from many years ago; “Tyrants from the dawn of time have been sensitive to arms in the hands of the people.” It is not and never has been about “gun violence” even on it’s surface a physically and scientifically ludicrous statement. But far to many have drunk the “kool aid” and I cringe when I hear supposedly conservative news people repeat it.
Hitler’s right hand man Goebbels said during the Nazi occupation: When you repeat a lie often enough it becomes ‘truth’.
Have a good night.


Me again…I don’t know what happened to the first part of this statement but it’s separated from the rest of the discourse. Is there a word limit??

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The other thing that’s always pounded into our heads, “we have a choice”. The choices are very clear now, the liberals have shined a light, kill or be killed, can I get an AMEN, and a woman? A Supreme Court judge that can’t tell me what a woman is, can’t decipher law nor argue it, she is null and void!

However, they have become emboldened by two undeniable facts, this administration decriminalized and outright condones crime and I have an ABSOLUTE right to life! Doesn’t seem like we’re on the winning side! We have to consider right from wrong, that’s what gets us killed!
From all the latest news and attacks, please tell me why I need to be law abiding? Serious question! It’s 2022 and you can get away with murder!

It’s weird, I sit on my lanai watching my fragrant flowers bloom, birds, bees and butterflies flying around, small wildlife eating what I toss, my chimes singing in “C”, a light breeze on my face and all seems perfectly normal.

Then out my front door is pure, evil and chaos. Sirens blaring, traffic crashes, invasion, the news guy, the death and destruction and a talking head from a basement ( who they call a Commander in Chief ) that can’t stop lying or sniffing children’s hair.
I leave the house, armored, cocked and locked, head on a swivel prepared to stop a threat at the drop of a hat!



We don’t have a choice! We are law abiding, we’ve become the sheep! This administration is kind and merciful, all we need to do is bow!
We are taking orders from a living corpse with an insurance policy called Kamala! Talk about doomed, the rider on that insurance policy is a Pelosi! Who’s the underwriter of that policy?

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