Man banned from Walmart for open carrying a gun

@JamesR You made the example of number of rounds. Clearing a failure to feed or other problems can mean the loss of round capacity in the weapon. Some complain about people carrying an extra magazine, while dumping a magazine while clearing a jam and inserting the fresh one saves extra steps and time.
I agree that we should just carry as we think we should and not divide our strength by bickering and pointing fingers.


I realize this is an older thread, but SC just went open carry with training, so I’ve been perusing comnents.

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I think going to Wal-Mart open carrying after that horrific tragedy in El-Paso is a horrible idea.

I’m by no means not saying you can’t do it but my opinion is you are asking for huge problems.

I have no idea the antics behind what I’m about to tell you but I’m sure it has same to do with case. .

4 occasions Wal-Mart employees ran from me. Twice a woman screamed and took off after saying, excuse me.

I’m not sure the reasons for this but rest assured had not I found the root of the poison Wal-Mart would see me in court.

Two times a man and woman went and got police. KEEP IN MIND IM NOT OPEN CARRYING!

The sheriff walked up and said FyI I’m not a Deputy right now I’m security and then proceeded to say the employee was scared.

When asked if needed to leave he told me to continue shopping.

In NC you can open carry (or concealed) anywhere (private property) that is not posted. You won’t get arrested for entering a posted place, BUT if asked to leave you have to leave NOW or take a chance of being charged with criminal trespass.

When your asked to leave a private property the correct response is LEAVE NOW. It’s PRIVATE property and they do have the right to not want you there. You also have the right to not spending your money in their establishment.


Good word @Enzo_T. That’s pretty much how it is here in SC.
Putting up an argument when a store rejects you or refusing to leave when requested not only puts the concealed/open carrier in a poor legal position, it provides a bad image to the public that may already have a bad impression of firearms or that may just be inexperienced and ignorant (untaught?).
This conduct also gives fuel to the anti gun legislators, prosecutors, and judges.
The law states that the business must post proper signage to ban firearms from entering, but the fact is that if a business etc informs you that they don’t want you carrying on their premises, with or without signage, it is their right to choose not to allow. Yes you had the right to enter, but now inside, they can ask you to leave.
Pushing the point will not have a pleasant end.

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Walmart has rights just as any of us do. 1) Walmart has the right to have a standing policy that firearms are not allowed.
2) we have the right not to patronage anyplace that isn’t allowing a person to self protect.


I open carry in Walmart, and never had and problems. But I live in Marion, IN.